Infuseur Tasse Verre Perfectea

Infuseur Tasse Verre Perfectea

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Notre verre mug perfecTEA est simple et parfaitement conçu ! Notre mug perfecTea est grand, léger mais robuste, et très facile d'emploi. L'infuseur en acier inoxydable est accentué par une bande de silicone de couleur vive ; Cette bande de silicone empêche les bords de s'écailler et les conserve au frais pour un retrait facile après infusion ! L'infuseur est facile à charger et à nettoyer, et s'adapte parfaitement au verre mug. Le couvercle en verre est légèrement convexe, afin que la condensation retombe dans la théière. Il peut également être utilisé comme soucoupe pour l'infuseur une fois le thé infusé ! Ce sont les petits détails qui comptent, et nous pensons que notre mug perfecTEA et idéal !


- Infuseur amovible extra fin en acier inoxydable
- Verre de borosilicate résistant à la chaleur
- Adapté au lave-vaisselle et micro-ondes (uniquement la tasse en verre et le couvercle[
- Couvercle en verre qui sert de soucoupe pour l'infuseur à thé
- Capacité : 15,2 oz/450 ml


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par Mark Harper
Février 2021
[EN] Love these glasses and use them quite often at home and work. I did break the lid and infused holder and wonder if parts are sold separately. Need a replacement lid.
par Martha Jo
Novembre 2020
[EN] I love this glass mug. Besides being so brilliantly designed (lid catches condensation & returns it to mug; also glass lid doubles as a basin for the strainer basket!) — but what I love most is the thin rim, which makes sipping hot beverages such a pleasure! I’ve had mine over a year; it’s more durable than I expected. LOVE it for drinking coffee also! ????
par Wideglide
Septembre 2020
[EN] Absolutely the best ive ever owned . Perfect!!!!!!!
par Rdixon571
Septembre 2014
[EN] It's pretty self explanatory but I'll try to tell you what you don't know. The glass lid is actually convex so the condensation drips back into the mug. Not all of it but it's what it's designed to do. Very clever. The infuser is very large but with very tiny tiny holes. I've never tried pu ehr tea bc I love oolong so much but I'd imagine this infuser would still work well with it. Also the mouth of the lid is large enough for the infuser to sit in when you're done steeping. Also clever. I only wish I knew there was a double walled mug for $1 more and I would've bought that instead. But! I love my tea so much that the heat retention is not a problem. Nor am I dissatisfied with the heat retention even if I were to drink it slower. If I'm to drink it slower, I generally use a thermos anyway. Hope that info helped! Oh! And you cannot hold the mug by the mug itself. Too hot. But the handle does not heat up. Though I haven't tried it in the microwave and probably never will so idk if the handle would become hot from the microwave. Probably not. Also this mug is sturdier than I thought it would be. Not built like a rock of course! But I feel just as safe with this not breaking as with a regular ceramic mug.
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