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Thermo Double Paroi Verre Teatravel

Thermo Double Paroi Verre Teatravel

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Notre thermos en verre TeaTravel avec infuseur en acier inoxydable est idéal pour infuser du thé en vrac où que vous soyez ! Restez hydraté(e[ et en bonne santé en toute simplicité et en respectant l'environnement ! Grâce à notre thermos TeaTravel, plus besoin de bouteilles d'eau en plastique inutiles. Son design est pratique, fonctionnel et simple.

C'est une solution idéale pour infuser votre thé où que vous soyez, et vous pouvez observer votre thé infuser grâce au verre transparent. En outre, vous pouvez facilement enlever l'infuseur et utiliser le thermos TeaTravel pour la boisson chaude ou froide de votre choix, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, le thé chaud, le thé glacé, l'eau fruitée et le café ! Restez hydraté(e[ en permanence grâce à notre thermos TeaTravel !

Caractéristiques :

- Manchon avec poignée inclus
- Passe au lave-vaisselle
- Sans BPA, non toxique
- infuseur amovible extra fin en acier inoxydable
- Volume : 16 oz/500 ml


par Kevin Mclauchlan
Octobre 2021
[EN] It looks nice and it feels nice, but:

1. While it is double-walled and nicely made, it does not have an insulating vacuum between the layers, so it does not keep contents hot or cold any longer than a regular mug or cup. The neoprene cup-cozy is the only real insulation, and it's not great.
2. The little stainless-steal tea basket is on the small size, so when you want to put a couple of teaspoons of gyokuro leaves in it, there's not enough room for them to expand as they get wet, and have room for the water to really circulate. For the size of the vessel, you do want at least a couple of teaspoons to infuse in that volume of water, when the tea is gyokuro. Sencha might have slightly less of a problem.

Anyway, it looks nice and feels nice, and closes securely, but it's not very practical.
par Huwon9
Mai 2019
[EN] The lid has a wide silicone gasket and seals well. The grip is smooth stainless steel and can become difficult to open. A 'hope' silicone band fits snugly and improves the grip immensely.
par Laura
Janvier 2018
[EN] I absolutely love this travel thermos! It is very well made. The glass is nice and thick and the neoprene sleeve makes it easy to carry and hold. I have carried it by it's loop and it hangs slightly on an angle and it doesn't leak. The lid fits securely and it is easy to remove. I don't notice any scent from the neoprene sleeve as another reviewer mentioned and I am very sensitive to smell. This thermos allows me to take my loose tea anywhere I want to go. I can ditch the tea bags!
par Sha
Novembre 2017
[EN] I love it. It works brilliantly.
I see just one flaw. The area around the lid is completely smooth. When the lid is tightened on a hot container, after a short while a slight vacuum builds up, making the turning of the lid quite difficult. The area around the lid ought be textured or ridged to overcome this flaw.
You're welcome!
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