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6 reasons to drink healthy Chinese tea

Chinese Tea 

Chinese tea is undoubtedly a huge benefit to our body when used in moderation. But what other benefits does Chinese tea bring to our lives? Why are Chinese tea benefits more than just vitamins, antioxidants, and body cleansing? Let's talk about the real "magic of tea".


The magic of communication


Good tea helps us to get together as a family. Or with friends, for example, on Friday night. It's better and healthier to drink good tea when we meet than alcoholic beverages. Tea brings people together, removes barriers and disposes to conversation, softens the spirit.

That's why tea drinking is an inseparable part of culture and life. We are hospitable and welcoming people, treating a dear guest with excellent tea is our tradition.


Refined state of mind and body


Proper Chinese tea has its own mood - it tones, relaxes or focuses. When brewed correctly and drunk in moderation, there is a light, weightless state. It depends directly on the environment, the mood, the company, and so on.

Useful Chinese tea has nothing to do with drugs. Nevertheless, tea culture and Chinese tea can serve as an effective substitute for drug and alcohol addicts, this is its undeniable usefulness. For example, strong varieties - Puerh tea or Da Hong Pao Superfine Oolong - are widely used for the treatment of drug addicts.



Health Benefits


Chinese tea is incredibly good for your health. It is recommended to drink it every day. Why? It wasn't invented by tea merchants. Tea contains a huge number of useful trace elements and useful substances. Some oolong varieties contain over 400 useful trace elements, vitamins and essential oils.

 Good tea strengthens the immune system and nourishes the body, which is especially important for people living in big cities. Also Chinese tea is used in many diets because it has a positive effect on metabolism and helps obese people to lose weight (tea for weight loss in our store).


Productivity at work


Do you work in an office? It's no secret that good Chinese tea energizes and clarifies the mind, sharpening the sense of perception and helping to focus. Many successful people can't have a productive day without good tea. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, for example, once said:  "I must drink a lot of tea, for without it I cannot work. Tea unleashes those possibilities that lie dormant in the depths of my soul".


Focus on the essentials


Every day we are in a hurry - to work or on personal matters. There is little time left in life to reflect on what daily activities are important and what is not. The right tea helps to slow down the pace of life, to appreciate the joy of communicating with loved ones, to cultivate moderation and the ability to enjoy the moment, helps to elevate consciousness and look at things from a different angle.

Indeed, good tea increases productivity and flight of fancy. Different teas have different effects: Puer revitalizes, weakly fermented Oolong relieves stress, strongly fermented Oolong clears the mind, green tea calms the mind. Depending on the situation, you can effectively use the properties of Chinese tea for good.


Chinese tea - no mysticism


Chinese tea is just an agricultural crop like potatoes, cucumbers or tomatoes. It can be good or bad - it all depends on the variety, the place of cultivation, the labor intensity of harvesting, and the storage conditions. You should not be overly reverent about it, you just need to be able to choose it according to specific criteria and not believe the "tea myths" of unscrupulous sellers.


Chinese tea is an absolute pleasure, it is the joy of live communication with people. Good tea evokes only positive emotions and has a beneficial effect on life and health. It is the joy of giving positive emotions. It is the driving flywheel that makes you go forward. Drink good tea and be healthy!