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Fragrant fruit tea: peculiarities and rules of brewing

Fruity tea 

Features of fruit tea


This useful drink is based on pieces of fruit fruits, flowers, berries, and leaves. Although it is called tea, it does not contain tea leaves. In most cases, fruit teas are based on hibiscus, which gives the drink a freshness of flowers and a bright, characteristic sourness.

In addition to Sudanese rose leaves, citrus fruit and cinnamon become the basis.

Before brewing the fruit tea, read a few important points:

  • it is not recommended to consume the drink on an empty stomach;
  • do not brew the same tea several times;
  • it is better to drink tea that has cooled to 60°.
  • yesterday's brew is usually unsuitable for use the next day.

Fruits, leaves of fruit trees are sparingly dried, so they contain a lot of useful substances, organic acids, vitamins B, P and C.

Such a drink is universal, it is suitable for children and adults, pensioners, women in an interesting situation. The only exception may be the cases of individual intolerance or allergic reactions. For athletes, such a drink helps to maintain tone, to regulate body weight.


The process of brewing fruit tea


To brew the drink you need to prepare a porcelain or earthenware teapot. The pot must be preheated by thoroughly rinsing with hot boiled water. Then put the mixture inside, counting that for one cup of tea you will need 1-2 tsp. composition.

The water with which the fruit tea will be brewed should be perfectly clean, boiled only once. It is not recommended to pour the stacked tea mixture with boiling water only. The optimal temperature is up to 80-85 ° C. If you use hotter water, the tea will lose its pleasant aroma and taste more ordinary.

Leave the tea to infuse for about 9-10 minutes, then pour it into cups. Be sure to warm the utensils and rinse with boiling water. Then drink the tea, but in small sips. From such a reception of the drink you will be able to get great pleasure, to enjoy drops of invigorating, invigorating tea.

If you know how to brew fruit tea, and you follow all the recommendations, you will be able to enjoy a very useful and vitamin-rich drink. Tea is particularly useful in the fall and winter, when the body needs vitamins and minerals.

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