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Get Over That Midday Slump with Fruit Tea!

Oftentimes we can feel sluggish midday, and our first reaction is to grab coffee, unhealthy sugary snacks, or to get something at a drive-through. It isn’t ideal to try to fight the slump with unhealthy choices, nor is it easily fought with good intentions. Sometimes low blood sugar or dehydration can be to blame- enter fruity teas!

Cinnamon spiced blends are proven to offer blood sugar balancing benefits and is effective in helping you get through the midday slump! Not only are they delicious and satisfying, but completely guilt-free! Cinnamon naturally controls your insulin levels- which boosts brain activity, resulting in increased mental focus and abilities, memory, motor response speeds and alertness!

To give you a tasty guilt-free hydrating treat, try an iced fruity tea! Fruit teas are packed with flavor, and will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. All fruit tea will help you consume the necessary water intake throughout your day. Not only are fruit teas ultra-hydrating, but they will not dehydrate you (like coffee does). This will help you fight that midday slump- help you feel balanced, give you glowing skin and simply tastes delicious!

To make your own iced tea, here are three methods:


Simply reduce the water by ½, and pour your hot tea over water for instant iced tea!


Steep your loose tea. Once it is brewed remove your tea infuser. Set your cup (or pitcher) in the fridge for 2 hours until it is cold.

Cold steep

Steep your loose tea in cold water as you would hot, but set in the fridge for 2-3 hours. (Can be used for an individual serving, or a pitcher).