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Healthy fruit tea recipe

Fruity tea 

You are used to drinking tea or coffee in the morning, but try replacing your morning drink with a healthier one. This fruit tea has medicinal properties. It is good for kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease.


For four liters of water take one 200 grams cup each of hawthorn berries, rose hips and dried apples.


Fruit tea recipe: preparationimage-fruit-tea-preparation

In the boiling water you need to pour first rose hips, after five minutes pour hawthorn berries, and then apples. Rosehips berries before laying down should be placed in a bag and lightly crushed with a hammer. Sugar in the process of brewing the healing tea does not need to be added.

In summer, this drink can be consumed chilled, it will quench thirst and increase vitality. And a cold winter evening it is nice to drink such a drink warm with honey or candied fruit. Infused fruit drink has a pleasant smell and a dark color, similar to regular tea. Although, of course, for tea lovers there is no substitute for the taste of tea, you can visit an online tea store and order yourself a good tea.

If you have tachycardia, and you cannot deny yourself a cup of your favorite tea, it is better to replace it with such a decoction of fruit. As a therapeutic supplement, you can drink it before a meal one third of a glass. Such a composition is very useful for children, because it contains a lot of vitamins.

You can drink it toddlers in the morning and at lunchtime. This composition has diuretic properties, so it is better not to take it after dinner.

Variety is needed not only in the first and second courses, but also in beverages. Prepare useful dried berries and fruits, nourish yourself with healthy natural vitamins in summer and winter.