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How to brew Jin Jun Mei Tea to preserve its beneficial properties

Jin Jun Mei or Golden Eyebrows is one of the most expensive and elite tea varieties with bright and unique taste and aroma properties.

It is considered extremely rare and is not widely distributed even in China, where it grows and is produced. Jin Jun Mei Tea cannot be called an everyday drink, but it has gained fantastic popularity among exclusive tea connoisseurs.


History of Origin


Jin Jun Mei belongs to the "young" varieties of tea. It was first produced in 2005 by a famous tea master named Jiang Yuan Xun. There are several versions of the creation of the famous tea.

According to the first one, a famous tea master was walking with his guests on the mountain slopes of Wuyishan and happened to see a wild bush with blossoming buds that gave off a unique aroma. He picked up a handful of the buds and took them with him, turning them into the world-famous Golden Eyebrow Tea at home.

Another legend has it that the creator of the drink was the master tea maker Liang Jun De, who researched the classic Chinese tea variety Lapsang Souchong. He improved and changed the technological process of its production, removing the stage of smoking on pine branches.

The supporters of the third theory about the origin of Jin Jun Mei are sure that all the legends about the creation of the tea are nothing more than a marketing ploy. In their opinion, the market needed a new, expensive and prestigious tea, which became the Golden Eyebrows variety developed by a whole team of experienced specialists.


Features of production


Jin Jun Mei is made exclusively from young tea buds harvested by hand in the spring on the mountainsides of Wuyishan, in Fujian Province. Its production is a very complicated, laborious and painstaking process, because for 1 kg of raw material it is necessary to collect at least 130-140,000 tender buds, which are then subjected to curing, twisting, fermentation and drying.

The main stages of production:

  1. Only tender, young buds from bushes growing at 1,500-1,800 meters above sea level are used for tea production.
  2. The raw material is harvested exclusively by hand during the first weeks of spring while the buds are still in full bloom.
  3. The harvested buds are evenly laid out on special pallets and left to cure for 12 hours. The raw material is periodically stirred.
  4. In the next stage the tea buds are thoroughly crushed by automatic crushing for an hour.
  5. After that, the tea buds are sent for fermentation.


Important: Fermentation lasts at least 8-10 hours. For this purpose the raw material is poured into baskets with a special heating system, which are placed in a drying oven for roasting at a temperature of +85 ° C.



According to the Chinese classification, Jin jun Mei is a red variety; in the U.S., it is considered black. In dry form, the raw material is a mixture of dark brown and golden tea buds, thin and elongated.

The Golden Eyebrows tea got its unusual name because of the unusually thin and curved shape of the tea leaves, which look like the eyebrows of Asian girls.


Taste and flavor


Golden Eyebrows is a tea with a rich yet delicate sweet taste, distinctly "juicy", with slight notes of tartness. In the symphony of taste Jin Jun Mei you can notice subtle nuances of juicy prunes, fragrant mountain flowers and fragrant smoke.

Jin Jun Mei attracts tea lovers with a rich, deep aroma with pronounced floral and fruity accords, as well as with a luxurious honey aftertaste.


Appearance and color


Jin Jun Mei is a tea with a bright and memorable flavor that unfolds and changes several times during brewing. The flavor and aroma qualities of this red variety include a huge number of nuances. That is why it is extremely difficult to believe during tea drinking that the beverage contains no flavorings or additives.

Jin Jun Mei has a golden red hue and the color of the brewed infusion is golden-transparent or light orange.


How to brew and drink correctly

There are three main ways of making aromatic Golden Brow tea - Eastern, Western and Cold. In the first two cases, hot water is used to brew the drink, in the third - cold water.

Important! The advantage of Jin Jun Mei is that the temperature of the water does not affect the rich composition of the tea and its beneficial properties. For the full disclosure of tea flavor and aroma in the drink is not necessary to add honey, lemon and other additives.


Eastern method

Jin Jun Mei Tea will only benefit the body if it is brewed correctly.

This is done in several stages:

  • pour ½ teaspoon of tea in 200 ml of hot water - its temperature should not exceed +90-95 ° C;
  • immediately drain the water - this will help to clean the tea leaves from dust and particles and fully uncover the flavor and aroma of the drink;
  • pour the tea leaves again with hot water and leave it for 15-20 seconds.

Attention! With each subsequent brewing, increase the time to infuse the beverage at your discretion. This is the most important part of the tea, but it is also a very important part of the tea, because it is not too bitter and too strong.


Western method

To brew Golden Eyebrows tea according to the Western method, you can use any teapot you have in the kitchen - porcelain, clay, glass. You will need no more than 5 grams of raw materials per glass of water.

Pour the tea buds with hot water and immediately drain it. Then pour the raw material again and leave it for 17-18 seconds, with each subsequent brewing add 10 seconds to the infusion time.


Cold method

Room temperature water is used for this method. For 170 ml of water you will need 2 g of tea buds. Place the drink in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours, you can leave the Golden Brow tea overnight as well. This will make the taste of the infusion even more vivid and rich. If desired, you can add a few ice cubes to it.


Useful properties of Jin Jun Mei tea


Tea Golden Eyebrows, whose beneficial properties have been confirmed by official medicine, has a restorative, tonic effect on the body.

The benefits of Jin Jun Mei:

  • It relieves fatigue, invigorates and tones up;
  • restores the body after heavy physical or intellectual stress;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • restores the tone and elasticity of the vascular walls;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • Improves skin condition, has a rejuvenating effect;
  • Stimulates the metabolism, accelerating weight loss;
  • Improves the function of the nervous system;
  • prevents the development of cancer cells in the body due to a pronounced antioxidant effect.

Important! Regular consumption of Jin Jun Mei is considered an excellent prevention of heart and vascular diseases, atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension.

The drink gives instant invigorating and tonic effect, raises your spirits, charges positive and gives strength to conquer new peaks.


Possible harm and contraindications.

Jin Jun Mei is recommended to drink in limited quantities - no more than 1-2 cups per day. If you abuse the fragrant drink, its side effects may appear:

  • increased blood pressure;
  • tachycardia, shortness of breath;
  • nervous system disorders - anxiety, irritability, increased excitability;
  • sleep disorders - insomnia or constant sleepiness.

Important! It is recommended to refuse tea for women during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Also Jin Jun Mei is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive to the drink.



Jin Jun Mei is an exclusive variety that strengthens the body and clears the mind of negative thoughts. This delicious and fragrant drink is excellent for invigorating, toning and elevating your mood, getting rid of fatigue and irritability. When using Golden Eyebrow Tea, consider the possible side effects and the harm it can cause to your health if abused.