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Prickly Green Panacea - Nettle Tea and Its Benefits

Many of us know exactly what Stinging Nettle is, we have memories playing in the forest or outdoors and being stung by a plant with nasty little stingers! These guys inject histamine into your skin which causes an irritating and itchy rash. Despite the reputation for pain and irritating skin rash; Stinging Nettle is a wonderful herbal tea prized for many health benefits!

Stinging Nettle is adaptogenic, an adaptogen is a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect in bodily processes. Many consider this prickly green herb to be the herbal tea panacea… here are just a few reasons why.


Joint Pain

Nettle is fantastic for people with arthritis, gout, and joint pain. It is helpful for anyone struggling with gout as it promotes the release of uric acid build up in your joints. It also is a natural treatment for arthritis; it may be consumed along with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help decrease the need for NSAIDs overtime. It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and is powerful against rheumatoid arthritis!


Eczema and Skin Irritations

Nettle tea consumers can internally heal skin issues. Because nettle has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, it is a natural treatment for eczema that works wonderfully along with an external cream.


Emotional Wellness

Interestingly, Nettle helps our emotional being- it helps us to let go of fear. It will help us to come out of a panicked state, and encourage a state of calm and well-being.


If there's one herbal remedy to have on hand at all times that provides all these benefits; treatment for arthritis, an herbal treatment for allergies, relief for hair loss, treatment for Celiac Disease, bladder infection, skin irritation, neurological disorders… and a long list of other conditions, it's Nettle Leaf!


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