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The Wonders of Ginger Tea

Ginger is a beloved root known for its unique flavor, fresh bite, and spicy warming character. Ginger is a great source of many vitamins and minerals, its digestive health qualities, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is delicious and healing, you can serve it with anything and the best part is you can drink it. It is used to flavor dishes internationally, and has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

You can never go wrong with ginger! Here are just some of the reasons why.

Digestive Health

Ginger’s claim to fame is its digestive and upset stomach healing qualities! A cup of ginger tea will soothe discomfort, and provide quick relief for an ill-feeling stomach. It has proven to have similar anti-inflammatory effects to aspirin or ibuprofen. It is excellent to relieve bloat, aid digestion, and calm an acidic, anxious, or irritated tummy. Ginger helps reduce morning sickness during pregnancy, and chemotherapy.

Pain Relief

According to the Journal of Arthritis, ginger is more effective in reducing inflammation and pain in the body than over the counter pain medicine.

Motion Sickness

If you struggle with car sickness or seasickness, ginger is your new best friend! It prevents vomiting, soothes nerves, and soothes your stressed stomach. Its aroma can easily bring focus and calm to an unsettling bout with motion sickness.

Sore Muscles

Studies have shown that consuming ginger after a tough workout can minimize muscle soreness. A study published in "The Journal of Pain" in 2010 had people participate in intensive weight-training exercise and were then given either raw ginger, heated ginger or a placebo. Researchers observed pain intensity over the following three days and found that participants who took raw or heated ginger had less pain than those who took the placebo.

Respiratory Health

Ginger is a natural expectorant; if you’re fighting a cold or flu, it can help loosen phlegm, rid your body of mucus, and expand your lungs. It is amazing for people with allergies, so don’t hesitate to drink up and take your fill!


A wonderful herbal tonic in colder months, ginger is naturally warming, and increases circulation. This natural increase in circulation is great in boosting energy physically and mentally without caffeine. A boost in blood circulation makes ginger a fun and healthy aphrodisiac as well, boosting sexual desire, and increasing sensitivity in the erogenous zones!


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