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What kind of tea do we supply?


Our company specializes exclusively in high quality teas, which we enjoy drinking ourselves. The taste and aroma of the tea we supply is natural and natural, born by nature itself in the tea leaf. We do not sell tea with additives and flavorings, which are usually added to old tea to improve its taste.


  • Tealyra company is a direct importer - for more than 10 years we supply tea from farms and tea factories in China directly, without intermediaries.
  • Tea for us is not just a business, we love tea and drink it every day. Tea - this is what we are obsessed with, it allows us to search for the best teas in the Celestial Empire, constantly expanding the range. With us you will try the real collection of Chinese tea.
  • All of the teas presented on this site are collected and handmade. We try to get in our collection of exquisite teas with exceptional taste and aroma.
  • The taste and aroma of high quality teas will turn a tea party into an unforgettable event, imprinting it in your memory forever. Depending on the variety, the teas in our collection have fruit, floral or berry flavors that nature has created. Tea masters "by the method of traditional processing" have imprinted the Harmony of Nature in Tea.
  • All teas can be brewed many times, at least it gives 5 bright brews, some varieties are brewed more than 10 times.
  • Depending on the variety of tea can have a pronounced psychophysical effect: invigorating, toning or relaxing.
  • All of our products come only from organic areas of China, we pay special attention to ensure that the tea is organic. Only high grade teas have a complex healing and rejuvenating effect on the body.

Tealyra is committed to the highest quality! Our staff constantly resides in China, which allows us to monitor each batch of tea - so the quality is always consistent. Years of experience in the tea business allows us to offer you higher quality teas at better prices. Quality tea is considered to be that which grows in high mountain areas, and we strive to supply tea from the highest mountain of that area. The best tea is known to be made on charcoal - this means that preference is given to teas that are processed on fruit wood.

Our tea testers taste, aroma and aftertaste and analyze it, placing the highest demands on the tea leaf. We are constantly expanding our assortment to introduce the buyer to rare and exclusive varieties.

If you buy tea online in our store, you can be sure that it is gathered and manufactured according to the Ancient Tradition of Tea and that we did our best to preserve its original taste and aroma. Tea varieties that require special preservation are kept at an appropriate temperature with the help of special professional equipment.

We order tea in small batches, so it is always fresh. We do not store it for years in warehouses, unlike large companies.


Tea is a part of your life, so we want it to be the best!