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Which Tea Invigorates and Which Relaxes?

Puerh Tea 

Which Tea Invigorates and Which Relaxes? Citrus Pu Erh Tea (2021)

Continuing to answer questions from our subscribers and customers. Today we will talk about the effects of different Puer teas. Which one is better: Citrus pu erh tea or pure pu erh tea!

The question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. And it's not so much that there are a great many teas, but that the effect of tea on the human body is a very individual matter and depends on many factors.


«At different times of the day, in different moods, the biochemistry of the tea leaf and the biochemistry of your body will interact differently»


So this question should rather be approached purely statistically and based on my personal experience and feedback from most of our visitors we can say that citrus pu erh tea works best for invigoration of the spirit. Its effects are usually described as: good spirits, creativity, fatigue relief and a pleasant tone.

We often brew citrus pu erh tea at the meeting before work. After that we work better and get more creative "brainstorming", and there is such clarity of mind and thought. I am not a biochemist by education, but I associate "vivacity" just with all of the above. So be sure to try it yourself.

Relaxation with citrus pu erh tea


As for "relaxation", everything is a bit more complicated here, because all derivatives of the tea plant (camellia chinensis) contain thein, which is a stimulant by nature, so when they say that green tea relaxes and calms you down - this is still a very big question. So in this case, too, it's best to rely on your personal experience and the feelings of your tea friends.


When I want to relax and unwind, I most often brew pure pu erh tea or Oolong Tea (for example Healthy Edge or Wonder Ayurvedic Chai). These teas have a calming effect on me. But in terms of the biochemistry and the thein they contain, that's not quite right. It's more of a holistic effect.

So here is an alternative option - take Rooibos Tea on an herbal basis, for example, Rooibos Pure, which does not contain caffeine in any form at all. I have a whole line of organic live herbal gatherings from the eco-village in my tea shop. You can check it out if you like. It's nice to drink them in the bathhouse or in the evening, when sleep is just around the corner.

I will conclude with an alternative point of view. It lies in the fact that tea inherently does not so much stimulate or soothe, as it harmonizes the body. That is, it puts it in the state that it needs right now.

If you are tired and your body is tired, it will give you a chance to sleep, if you have a resource and you are ready to move mountains, but crave a magic kick - the citrus pu erh tea will give it to you

Something like this. It's all very ambiguous, but no less interesting, so try, experiment, and choose. And you can use this answer as pointers of direction.


Enjoy your tea parties!