Collection: Earl Grey

Cream Earl Grey Moonlight
Rich and creamy vanilla infused twist on classic earl grey
Earl Grey Premium
Black tea with bergamot oil blended with a touch of vanilla and cream
Earl Grey Classic
An honest and true classic, premium black tea with oil of bergamot
Russian Earl Grey
Premium black tea blended with bergamot oil, Thai lemon-grass and Spanish orange peel
Milady Grey
A refreshing and light twist on a traditional Earl Grey
Rooibos Earl Grey
Classic with a twist oil of bergamot added it to our luxury pure rooibos herbal tea
Rosy Earl Grey
Luxury black tea scented with bergamot oil, jasmine, lavender, and roses.
Green Earl Grey Cream
A modern green tea based Earl Grey full of creamy goodness
Hawaiian Earl Grey
A Hawaiin tropical twist on the classic English breakfast tea
Mr. Earl Green
Floral and fresh Pouchong oolong based Earl Grey tea
Princess Grey
Light and fresh peach scented earl grey tea
Lavender Vanilla Earl Grey
Soft vanilla-scented deluxe earl grey with lavender


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