Herbal Wellness Tea

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Mountain Air
Delicious herbal featuring Greek Mountain tea and Manuka honey!
Crimson Aloe Crush
Delightful ruby red herbal blend featuring aloe vera
Floral Serenity
A calming blend of soothing fennel, Greek Mountain tea, lavender, and chamomile  
Eucalyptus Lemon Drop
Fresh and soothing lemon tea with healing eucalyptus
Orange Guayusa
Anti-inflammatory fennel, turmeric, ginger and guayusa blend with an orange twist
Golden Turmeric Toddy
Sweet, warm and peppery healing turmeric blend
Moringa Mint
Herbaceous and minty fresh “superfood” tea blend
Green Vitality
Health food inspired green tonic featuring chlorella, turmeric, and aloe
Honeybee Dreams
Sweet and mild apple tisane with ginger and pure bee pollen
Manuka Aloe Mint
Soothing and deeply aromatic blend featuring aloe and real Manuka honey
Greek Mountain Mint
Minty fresh herbal blend featuring Sideritis from Greece
Cucumber Mint Mojito
A refreshing cocktail inspired blend with cooling cucumber
1 2 3 4
2 - 8


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