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Princess Grey Black Tea

Princess Grey

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Princess Grey is a refreshing and light twist on a traditional Earl Grey tea! Our Princess Grey is a fine canadian black tea blended with dried orange peel, chrysanthemum, classic bergamot oil and a touch of peach for a unique black tea taste. Princess Grey was blended to play down the strength and "pungency" that a traditional Earl Grey tea has- and we know you’ll adore our fresh as a peach take on a beloved bold favorite.

Princess Grey has the delightfully classic mild, balanced, malty and fresh Lady Grey taste once steeped, but with a youthful, fragrant peachy-fresh twist! It brews up a warm golden-brown tea liquor, with a delicate sweet peach aroma- a touch of astringency and a whole lot of flavor.

Enjoy our peach-scented take on a classic- fit for royalty!

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How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
205F / 95°C
2 - 3 min
Black tea, orange, chrysanthemum, natural flavor
by Darellynn Oo
August 2023
I decided to test a bunch of tea from TeaLyra so I ordered a set and brewed them all the same. For our test, 1 full teaspoon of tea was used and all were steeped for 3 minutes in a 50mL teacup. To test how well the smell and taste held up, I also included a second brew during our test.

The scent before brewing is strongly of orange peels, with very little to no floral notes. After steeping, the floral notes are highlighted and while the chrysanthemum comes through in flavour, it is overpowered by the citrus. I would have preferred stronger floral notes and less citrus, so this is a matter of preference. The scent and flavour held up in the second brew although significantly lighter.

Boyfriend rated this tea 2/10
I rated this tea 4/10
by Sheilera
October 2020
I used to be addicted to peach Snapple in the glass bottles. But Snapple changed their bottles to plastic and now the drinking pleasure is gone. And I need to stop consuming so much sugar anyway. Enter Princess Grey tea. It's the closest thing ever to Peach Snapple without the sugar. It's amazing. I love the peach and the bergamot combined. Perfect balance of a rich multi-layered flavor, flavour, flaver. I'm back buying up the largest quantity of this. If you don't like this, that's ok. More for me.
by Christie Lee
March 2018
Princess Grey reminds me of spring! It is fresh, light and peachy! I like the combination of bergamot taste with fresh peach taste. It is very tasty!
by Trowbridge555
December 2017
This is really the best lady grey tea on the market. We have been buying it for a year through Amazon and suddenly it was no longer available - so we went for the next recommendation - which is not a patch on this delicious brew, everyone complained! So glad we have found our way back to Tealyra. Tea has not been the same since we lost you!
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