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Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls

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Origin: China


The traditional Chinese tea scenting techniques that date back for over 1,000 years are still in use today in the creation of this premium Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea.

Hailing from Fujian province in China, organically grown aromatic night-blooming jasmine blossoms are layered between young and tender tea leaves eight to ten times; this ensures they are scented beautifully with their distinctive and exquisite floral aroma. The infused tea is then rolled at a ratio of two leaves to one unopened bud into small pearls, with a delicate silvery white sheen, thanks to the soft silver down of these premium tips.

Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls is a must-try tea for any jasmine lover- as it produced a delicate and exquisite jasmine flavor and aroma. When steeped in hot water, the pearls unfurl majestically, unlocking the full delicate scent of fragrant jasmine in a treat for all of the senses.


Chinese jasmine green tea
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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13 reviews
Quality    ****  92%


05/16/2020, 14:58

Quality    *
Have ordered this a few times, very flavourful and smooth. It was great quality and organic. However the last batch I ordered was very poor quality.....the balls unfolded with branches only and no leaves which made the tea complete tasteless. I am stuck with 800g of this batch.
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02/09/2019, 13:59

Quality    *****
I drink tea every morning and jasmine green tea is my most favorite tea. The jasmine flavor in this tea is just right, not over powering.
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Jasmine Green tea fan

11/26/2018, 13:50

Quality    *****
Love this tea! Best Jasmine green tea I’ve had. I first ordered it on Amazon. Next time I’ll order from Tealyra
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11/24/2018, 21:04

Quality    *****
This tea is amazing! Very aromatic and has a slightly sweet taste.
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Kelly Sereda

03/27/2018, 20:13

Quality    ****
I've tried a half dozen types of Jasmine pearls in my search for the ultimate Jasmine fix and this is a good one, though I've found stronger in terms of scent and flavor. Buying @ 200g, these pearls are a good value and make a fine tea, I would recommend them as a good value. If you are searching for the pinnacle of Jasmine scent and flavor, there is still room at the top, but you'll likely have to pay much more.
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Hasan Sidat

01/25/2018, 10:45

Quality    *****
My favourite tea, smells beautiful and has a lovely strong jasmine taste.
I feel very relaxed after drinking.
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01/29/2017, 12:18

Quality    *****
Honestly, the best Jasmine Tea I have ever tried.
The problem with most jasmine teas is that they taste a bit "artificial" as if you drink a perfume or an aftershave, and if you steep them too much, they become veeeery bitter. Not this one!

The first time I made it (2mins) it tastes very light and it had a faint jasmine aroma. But the second time (3mins) OH MY!!!!! It smells like a flower garden and instead of turning bitter, it is the sweetest jasmine tea I've ever had.
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08/24/2015, 01:12

Quality    *****
Really delicious and smooth. I've tried many brands and versions of this and this one is by far the best flavor. I think it is better than the Teavana brand which was my original favorite. I have a new favorite tea company...Tealyra!
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08/05/2014, 00:59

Quality    *****
I love the way the balls unroll and the leaves sink to the bottom in a cup and can be rebrewed at least 3 times ,
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05/15/2014, 07:09

Quality    *****
I've found myself in a predicament. I love Teavana's jasmine green tea pearls.. Just not the price. I thought I'd just give these a try and see how it goes.... In one word... AMAZING. I can't tell the difference and they're much more cost effective. Thank you Tealyra for feeding my habit :)
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Red Sky

04/08/2014, 10:18

Quality    *****
Makes a lovely cup of tea. Great aroma and beauteous flavor. These pearls are higher in quality than other brands I've tried - each ball contains the top few baby leaves and part of the shoot. Some other brands are almost all shoot (stem) without any leaves.
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S. Ihrig

03/30/2014, 10:28

Quality    *****
I have long been a fan of jasmine tea and have tried numerous "jasmine dragon pearls" brands over the years. Many tend to disappoint with their blandness. This is far and away the most delicately and fully flavored jasmine dragon pearls tea I have yet tasted...and even better, it's organic, so no heavy metals from pesticides in the tea leaves. Highly recommend it.
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02/28/2014, 11:25

Quality    *****
Sweet, beautiful, strong jasmine flavor.
My favorite jasmine ever, and I'm an old pro. So happy I found Tealyra, thank you.
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