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Zhu Ye Qing Bamboo

Zhu Ye Qing Bamboo

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Origin: China


Zhu Ye Qing or Bamboo Green Leaf, is among the most prestige Chinese green teas. The tea plantations are over 3000 meters above the sea level and covered by thick fog, and heavy mist for most of the year. It is produced in beautiful Emei Shan, Sichuan Province, in South West China- considered one of China’s four sacred mountains; it is breathtaking, and known for its abundant bamboo forests! Zhu Ye Qing is harvested pre-Qing Ming, and starts 3-5 days before Qing Ming season.

Its flavor is slightly sweet, vegetal notes similar to asparagus, fresh bamboo shoot.


Chinese green tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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Quality    ****  95%

10/08/2018, 09:22

Quality    *****
Nous avons choisi ce thé à partir des critiques et des informations de Tealyra. Un pur délice qui se démarque des autres. Il est effectivement fort, donc il est préférable de respecter le dosage recommandé. Et, il peut être réutilisé deux autres fois sans constater une grande différence.
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08/07/2018, 08:20

Quality    *****
High quality tea, very nice. Thanks
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07/26/2018, 06:35

Quality    *****
I was first introduced to this tea by a lovely and amazing Chinese woman, telling me its her favorite tea. Giving me a little to try that she brought back from China it was a instant hit and quickly searched the web for a supplier.
Flavour is truely amazing but if you use too much its very strong and sends you hyper but all the same great taste. I use less than a teaspoon which is more than enough for a cup of tea but its important to cover the cup until the leaves have finished dancing and all settle at the bottom tired. A little goes a long way and found 100g lasts me a very long time.
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03/21/2015, 23:28

Quality    ****
Strongest green tea I've had in a while. That means you can use less leaves and enjoy it longer.
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