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Huang Cha Yellow Tea

Huang Cha Yellow Tea

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Origin: China


This rare beauty is a truly unique treasure, a must try for any tea enthusiast! Don't be mistaken by the dark color of the leaves; this is yellow tea! True yellow tea; which is only grown in China, is prepared in a similar way to green tea, yet the leaves are left damp to slightly oxidize the tea, turning the leaves and the finished brew a golden yellow hue. Our "Huang Cha" yellow tea is wonderfully floral- you'll notice the chrysanthemum scent right when you open the bag, and almost a faint hint of jasmine. Its flavor profile is similar to an oolong, with a smooth, rich, buttery mouth feel.

Steep a cup of this fine luxury tea and imagine sitting amongst the Emperor during the Qing Dynasty!



Chinese yellow tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 190F/85C and steep for 2-4 minutes.


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Quality    ****  97%

Cheryl Belobraydic

01/07/2019, 16:23

Quality    *****
Out of the 25 or so teas that I drink on a regular basis, this is one of the more unusual ones. I purchased it for afternoon tea sipping and for the low caffeine levels in this tea. It was a lovely color with a popcorn sort of taste, very smooth and creamy and had a few notes of tannins. Very nice for the afternoon.
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Rewa A. Cerezo

12/14/2018, 20:33

Quality    ****
It's a very, light tasting tea. Yes, it tastes mildly like an oolong, but it kind reminds me more of pekoe white tea. I prefer the other yellow tea, huo shan huang ya yellow. That has more of a buttery, nutty taste, no flowery flavors. So, what i did was blend em' together, even though only one is organic, which is fine. From what I'm reading about teas, it's VERY hard to produce great tasting organic teas. And i would have to agree, some organic teas i have tasted over the year, are either bitter, or lack flavor. I have to buy both, b/c organic teas are SOOooo limited & there's too many good teas out there to try, that at this point, I drink both. I LOVE TEAS too much just to limit them to organic.
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03/02/2018, 15:14

Quality    *****
Can I same amount of tea to steep more times( 3-4 times I suppose?!
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02/16/2018, 20:48

Quality    *****
I always keep at least 30 different tea in my cabinet, from green tea to oolong , black tea, flower tea and fruit tea etc. But this yellow tea is very unique, like the combination of white tea and oolong, with chestnut taste and flower smell.
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10/09/2017, 02:30

Quality    *****
this is the SAME tea as that giant mall chain (oh so briefly) sold. IF you love that tea as much as I do, you've found the right product!

LOVE this tea. light and sweet flavor without the grassy aftertaste of the other yellow teas. PLEASE keep this in stock.. i WILL buy more!
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09/01/2016, 20:49

Quality    *****
Best tea ever! It has delicious natural flavour. Thank you!
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