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Chimarrão Yerba Mate Powder

Chimarrão Yerba Mate Powder

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Our Chimarrão Yerba Mate Powder is a unique “matcha-inspired” beverage unlike any matcha you have had before! It is a whole-leaf South American Yerba Mate that is ground to a powdered consistency.

Chimarrão Yerba Mate Powder is unique in both texture and taste. This style of Yerba Mate has an extremely high chlorophyll content since it has not been aged or oxidized. It is naturally high in caffeine, minerals, and antioxidants making it an excellent, balanced, and healthy brew. A famous study done in 1964 proclaimed that Yerba Mate has all the necessary amino acids, nutrients, and minerals necessary to sustain life!

Chimarrão Yerba Mate Powder has a full flavor isn’t overwhelming. It is smooth, it has a touch of bitterness, and a bright green and smoky earthy taste. It can be steeped in an infuser, or it can be whisked into water.



Powdered yerba mate
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11/02/2017, 13:33

Yerba Mate has reputed and studied anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, eg. ( Mouth cancers attributed to consuming Yerba Mate are likely associated with constant scalding of the mouth from drinking it too hot (ie. use water between 70 and no more than 80 degrees Celsius when drinking with guampa and bombilla). Yerba mate grows wild as a shrub layer in the jungle or is grown on plantations. It is a hardy species of holly and is inherently organic since sprays are not required. The tea is harvested by pruning leaves and sections of twig, so the trees are long-lived, similar to the tea tree. Some Yerba Mate producers are being pressured to switch to soy bean production and cut down their trees. My family lived in Paraguay for a time and brought the tea along to Canada in the late 1950's and the shared drinking ritual has been part of family tradition throughout my life. Order some and enjoy!
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06/22/2017, 23:58

Are the trees cut down in order to grow the Mate?
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04/27/2017, 06:16

I love the taste but read there is contraversy about thix tea causing cancer. Im now ordering a different flavour
Is there anh truth in this? Does it cause cancer
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03/18/2017, 10:51

This stuff is good. Wakes you up without the jitters like coffee. Feel great all day
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