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Gyokuro Kokyu

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Our Gyokuro Kokyu is a blend of two of Kyoto Prefecture's finest teas, Ujitawara Gyokuro and Wazuka Kabuse Cha, or “shaded tea”. Blending these teas is to produces a uniform high quality gyokuro that can be made available to worldwide tea enthusiasts at a stable and affordable price. Kabuse Cha is grown in the same manner as Gyokuro tea, yet shaded for the last week before harvest, which increases the chlorophyll content of the leaves. This produces a unique flavor somewhere in the middle of Sencha and Gyokuro. Our Gyokuru Kokyu is a well-rounded tea with a slight grassy flavor in the first notes, rich umami sweetness, and lingering finish.

How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
175F / 80°C
1.5 - 2 min
Green tea
Sascha Uncia
February 2024
I have been experimenting with the gyokuro and reading brewing instructions online to learn how to brew it. I found some steps that are working well.

- You need to use a fair amount of leaves compared to other tea or the first infusion will be weak.

- The first steeping should be done at a lower temperature, around 60°C. If needed you could go up to 70°C as the temperature will drop when you add the water to the pot.

- Use filtered water, otherwise fully boil the water and let it cool down. I found that heating tap water to ~60°C without letting it boil really made the chlorinated taste stand out. The tea is delicate so it is easy to detect any off flavours.

- The first infusion will be light jade green, mildly umami, grassy, and have some sweetness. This is my favourite one.

- The tea can then be infused a couple more times, It will be more astringent and have a less green appearance. It's interesting how it changes so much between steeps. Subsequent infusions can be done at a higher temperature and should be shorter, around 40 sec to a minute.

- One site recommended making a salad from the spent leaves once they had been steeped a few times. You prepare it like spinach gomae, and it looks very similar. I tried this and it was pretty decent. Worth trying at least once and gives you some extra use from the leaves.
Sascha Uncia
February 2024
I don't have a lot of experience with Gyokuro but this is pretty good.
Anna Turek
May 2021
Love this one, it has a very gentle taste :)
Jules Bmi
February 2021
I love this tea. Just as described slightly grassy with a wonderful finish each sup
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