Aged 20 Years Vintage Pu'erh

Aged 20 Years Vintage Pu'erh

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Origin: China


Our ripe vintage pu'erh is a limited early spring tea from Yunnan province in southwest China. Aged for twenty years, our vintage pu'erh has gone through extensive oxidation- which provides a smooth, thick tea liquor. These tea leaves contain rich mineral content and fermentation over such a long time reduces the heady "funk" that younger ripe pu'erhs commonly have and produces a bold, rich earthy flavor, that has a slightly sweet taste and a reddish brown liquor. This fine vintage pu'erh tea is now at a very drinkable state.


Pu'erh tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 1.5-3 minutes.


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6 reviews
Quality    ****  93%

T.k. Padilla

09/23/2018, 19:12

Quality    ****
Mostly stems and only bits of leaf. Can't complain for the price though. It is 20 years aged I believe and has a stout effect upon drinking.
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Samantha Throttle

08/06/2018, 11:57

Quality    *****
One of the better pu-erh teas on the market at an affordable price. Has a rich, full flavor and a good, earthy tone without being overpowering. Most other pu-erh teas I've tried at this price point that have been aged as long have a slight bitterness that is difficult to overlook. This one is smooth, even when accidentally over-steeping. The repeated steeps reveal a deeper, more complex flavor for the second third and sometimes the fourth cup, then nicely mellow for a few times thereafter. This has become my staple pu-erh tea and is a good choice for an introduction to what pu-erh is all about for the novice as well as a solid, quality choice for the price-aware pu-erh drinker.
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Paul Anderson

07/29/2018, 05:05

Quality    *****
My first pu'erh and I love this stuff. Drink it almost every evening after dinner, re steeps a few times over the course of the evening.
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01/31/2017, 08:34

Quality    ****
Good tea. Not as deep tasting as I would have liked it to be for a 20 years old tea, but very drinkable. Pu’erh is good any time of day, but I usually have mine in the late afternoon or early evening.
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11/18/2015, 17:47

Quality    *****
This is an assertive leaf that reminds me of a moldering forest floor... in the best way possible. It blends well with dried rose petals, Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla bean and clove to make a fascinating chai. This is one of my favourite teas from tealyra. Five stars all 'round.
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08/15/2014, 00:11

Quality    *****
This is a delightful, rich, full bodied tea. If you are trying to reduce your coffee, try this.
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