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Refresh Pu’erh Detox

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Are you ready to refresh and restart? Kick start your healthier lifestyle and health goals with our powerful detox tea blend!

Refresh Pu’erh Detox features aged Chinese pu’erh tea, South American yerba mate, Japanese matcha green tea powder and detoxifying lemon; well-known powerful detoxifying ingredients in a delicious, and complete blend!

Pu’erh tea boasts incredible health benefits as a super weight loss tonic, and naturally lowers unhealthy cholesterol. Green tea is famous for its powerful slimming effect, beneficial anti-oxidants, and health boosting qualities.

Yerba Mate is naturally high in caffeine, minerals and antioxidants making it an excellent, energizing healthy brew (and balances you out so you won’t have the classic caffeine related crash). Matcha powder takes this detox tea blend to the next level- its health properties are powerful and since matcha powder is green tea in powdered form, you’re consuming the whole leaf.

Once steeped, Refresh Pu’erh Detox infuses a lemon-scented amber liquor; at first sip the lemongrass and verbena taste are balanced with light green tea flavor and smooth, thick pu’erh.

Drink up and detox!

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How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
195F / 90°C
2 - 3 min
5 years aged pu’erh, yerba mate, lemon verbena, green tea, lemongrass, matcha green tea
by Richard
June 2023
First off I've only tried this cold brewed. It is very tasty, I'd expect hot brew would be just as good. I was expecting a stronger pu'erh flavour. What you get is more yerba mate taste at first, fallowed but a subtle green tea and lemon grass flavor. You can detect a slight presence of the pu'erh though. It gives you a calming boost of energy ( if that makes sense) to get you through the day. Looking at the tea blend itself isn't very pretty; this probably the reason it's well priced. If you are looking at a good blend of tea for health, energy and weight loss you can't really go wrong with this blend at its price point. It will probably become a staple in my tea collection.

Side note since it has matcha powder in it, I wouldn't rinse the tea first like a lot of you are probably accustomed to, as that will get rid of much of the match tea.
by Josh Grasby
March 2021
I don't often write reviews for tea, though I've been buying tea online for nearly 10 years (primarily Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese teas). I seriously felt the need to write one, in the case of this Refresh Pu-erh blended tea... It's unconventional at first glance but as it turns out, it may be the best blended tea in the category. It's a joy to re-steep with a big steeper and continuous fresh leaf top-ups for several days in a row. I suspect this tea will cold-steep in a pitcher extremely well also. Give it a try, my girlfriend loves it as well and keeps asking for it, multiple cups on the go constantly!
by Sue Read
September 2016
Lovely fresh and not over powering. Love it!