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Sweet Pistachio Pu’erh

Sweet Pistachio Pu’erh

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2.9 kcal / 12 kJ
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The pistachio nut is an important ingredient in all Sicilian kitchens, especially when it comes to classic desserts and elegant flavors. Sweet Pistachio Pu’erh is an exquisite tea blend starring beloved pistachio nut, inspired by Italian pistachio cream. Our earthy aged pu'erh is specially blended with sweet pistachio and pure rose petals, for a sophisticated tea taste- absolutely delizioso!

At first sip, the heady pistachio sweet cream character pairs well with the mild aged tea, it is sweet, creamy, and smooth tasting- without any overwhelming pu’erh funk, or bitterness.

Pu'erh tea is aged and fermented, making it pro-biotic, it is also an amazing aid for weight loss, and naturally boosts your immune system, it has been enjoyed in China for centuries. Sweet Pistachio Pu’erh is an excellent introductory pu’erh blend if you are nervous to try it because of the aged or “funky” qualities that ripe pu’erh tea has.

Enjoy la bella vita with our sophisticated take on a light, smooth and creamy pistachio cream inspired pu'erh!

Featured ingredients
Rose petals
How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
205F / 95°C
2 - 3 min
Pu’erh tea, pistachio, natural flavor, rose petals
Lindsey De Wit
January 2024
It's a very tasty tea, don't get me wrong. I was hoping it would be similar to one of my all-time favorite teas from the defunct Teavana (don't talk to about Starbucks, it's not the same, they ruined everything good about Teavana. I'm still salty about it). The tea was called Amandine Rose and it was a black tea with toasted almonds and rose. I find sweet pistachio to be much more rich and sweet. It kinda feels like it's missing something though. It could be that I'm just craving something else. I'm on the fence of whether or not I'd get this again...
Fuchsia Sofia
August 2023
This is hands down the best tea I've had from Tealyra, and I've had a lot! I am a sucker for nutty teas though, and I've always loved the earthy flavor of pu-erh. This one never disappoints, and whenever I drink it I think, "I could drink this every day," lol, but I have like 40 other teas that need a' drinkin' too!
Kristin Schultz
November 2022
Probably my favorite flavored tea of all time. A must have with a little sweetener and a splash of cream. So yummy.
Susan Otter
April 2022
First I tried Pu'erh Maple Chai (loved it) and now this Sweet Pistachio Pu'erh. For those who have not had pu'erh, as a novice drinker, I think I would describe the flavor as "nutty". This is a serious, full bodied cup of tea and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Don't let the word "Sweet" in the name throw you off. It smells sweet, but has a more earthy/nutty flavor.
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