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Yunnan Ripe Pu'erh Chrysanthemum Cake 100g

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This fine ripe pu’erh cake from Yunnan Province was made in 2013. Composed of Yong De area ripe tea from the 2013 spring harvest. This lovely semi-aged blend of ripe tea was mixed with Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum flowers, and pressed into these lovely 100 gram mini cakes.

Yunnan Ripe Pu'erh Chrysanthemum Cake has a rich earthy, smooth and sweet fragrance. The multiple infusions you will enjoy are smooth and rich in flavor.


Pu’erh Steeping Suggestions

Generally, the water should be as hot as possible when you pour it into the pot. If you are going to use an yixing teapot, you should have one pot for your ripe pu’erh and another for raw pu’erh.

Start by inserting a pu’erh knife or pick into the cake to break off some tea to infuse.

Always rinse pu’erh tea, simply wash the tea of dust and tea particles with a first infusion (this will also open the leaves) for approximately 15 seconds, then discard.

Next, infuse the tea with water just off the boil at 98C/208F with 1 gram of tea per ounce (30ml) of water for a 20-30 second brew.

You can infuse the pu’erh tea multiple times to enjoy the full complexity.

These are recommendations, but we suggest you to experiment with temperatures, quantity of both water and tea to fully discover your fine pu’erh and find what you like best.

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Pu'erh tea, chrysanthemum
by Andrew
March 2021
I'm not usually a fan of flavored teas but I love this one. Very thick and full bodied with robust early flavors, nice floral notes from the chrysanthemum which seem to balance the puerh eathiness, and a very light menthol note. Would recommend to someone looking for a dark, thick, rubust flavoured tea. Especially, tea-curious coffee drinkers.
by Coffeegeek
April 2014
The aroma and taste of this Yunnan Ripe Pu-erh Chrysanthemum tea and flowers together is excellent & refreshing!
They complement each other with a light spicy, slight floral taste from the Chrysanthemum petals., & has a sweet mellow medium mouthfeel & taste.

I washed the tea of dust/tea particles with a first rinse infusion (to open the leaves and stimulate the enzymes) for approximately 15 seconds, & discarded.
I then brewed the tea with water just off the boil at 98C - 99C (208F - 210F) with 1 gram of tea per ounce (30ml) of water for a 10 ounce (10 grams of tea cake) 25 - 30 second brew.

I've saved the tea can hardly wait to see & taste what multiple infusions will bring.

I highly recommend this tasty Yunnan Ripe Pu-erh Chrysanthemum tea!