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Caramel Latte Rooibos Tea

Caramel Latte Rooibos

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For the caramel latte lovers of the tea world! Our naturally sweet Caramel Latte Rooibos tea is just what you’ve been looking for- rich caramel pieces, creamy tasting, and oh-so-satisfying! Our blend is wonderfully aromatic- like freshly ground coffee beans, sweetness, and heavy cream; once infused you get a lovely amber colored liquid that tastes light and milky, with coffee and lots of caramel sweetness! Red rooibos has a wonderful roasted, nutty and full flavor.

Rooibos is an excellent source of zinc which is an amazing immune boosting mineral, great for the flu and fighting colds and getting rid of cold sores. Its medicinal properties have recently been confirmed by The US Department of Agriculture which has affirmed that rooibos tea is capable of reducing cancer, heart disease, premature aging and other serious conditions.

Our decadant Caramel Latte Rooibos will help you beat the pricey coffee shop cravings! Try it hot, iced, or as a tea latte!

How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
205F / 95°C
3 - 5 min
Rooibos, cream-caramel (sweetened condensed skimmed milk, sugar, glucose syrup, butter fat, wetting agent: sorbitol, emulsifying agent: mono and diglyceride of edible fatty acids), brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnuts, invert sugar), natural flavor
by David Simonelli
November 2023
I'm new to tea drinking and just a big ole bubba from north Texas but man this stuff is tasty. I will definitely be ordering much, much more.
by Kara D.
March 2021
THIS... with a little honey and almond milk is better than any fancy drink I've ever had at Starbucks, or any other coffee place for that matter. Completely satisfies my craving for something sweet and rich without indulging in a high calorie dessert, which is exactly what I was looking for. Incredibly good!!!!
by Rl
February 2021
This is so good! I have a hard time with rooibos since it can taste too medicinal sometimes, but this tea blend is really astounding. It does not require any honey or sugar or cream to taste like a fancy tea treat. I find myself craving this during the afternoon. I used to be a black tea with honey and cream drinker and can no longer do that so this is a good sub!
by Blag
January 2021
I like Rooibos a I was glad to find this caramel latte version. Really good with a nice aroma, and subtly sugary flavor.
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