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White Coconut Cream Dream

White Coconut Cream Dream

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Origin: Germany


Gentle and inviting, this is one dreamy tropical coconut white tea! Our luxurious White Coconut Dream Cream is fragrant and intoxicating! The virtually untouched process of making white tea, makes it characteristically light in flavor. White tea has a flavor range from floral, to refreshing, to sweet; and has an unmatched delicate aroma. Our dreamy, creamy coconut blend of the finest white tea and natural ingredients will help you drift into the perfect daydream!

Providing a naturally smooth, sweet, and rich luscious coconut flavor without artificial sweeteners or additives; you can see large flakes of shredded coconut throughout the blend. Coconut creaminess pairs beautifully with white tea’s light floral character. Brew a cup, close your eyes and let our White Coconut Cream Dream take you away on a tropical vacation!


White tea, coconut chips, safflower, cornflower blossoms, natural flavoring.
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 190F/85C and steep for 3-4 minutes.


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6 reviews
Quality    ****  97%

Dana Love

01/10/2019, 13:10

Quality    *****
I generally don't like flavored teas. This is an exception. Positively exquisite! A favourite.
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Rachel Wren

11/03/2018, 08:55

Quality    *****
I love this tea. The coconut isn’t too strong, and it feels indulgent. Wonderful smell and flavour.
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04/20/2016, 12:42

Quality    *****
One of my favorite, easy drinking and light. I mix it with a little Puh Er sometimes too. It makes me feel tropical and like I am on the beach.
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04/20/2016, 09:14

Quality    *****
Positively surprised! I had 2 concerns regarding this tea when I ordered it: One was that it will taste of nothing (since white tea has a very subtle flavour) and the other was that it will taste like bounty.
In fact this tea has a gentle vanilla flavour. It is not overly coconutty. It has an extremely creamy texture and feels like drinking silk. Also what I enjoy most in this tea is that it doesn't the dry 'aftertaste' that can be found in many teas. Instead it leaves a smooth silky feeling on the tongue. Overall: A great dessert tea!
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07/20/2014, 21:00

Quality    *****
I've been wanting a coconut Creme tea fur some time. I'm glad I went with teakux's version. Very fresh, clean tasting and creamy. Good quality. Plan to reorder in a larger size.
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07/14/2014, 08:52

Quality    ****
I have to double the amount of tea and the brew time to get any "tea" color or flavor. I am a white tea love, so I know the color is very pale normally, but this is a little too pale for me without putting in additional leaves (and then it really goes fast and is expensive).
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