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Spiced White Pear

Spiced White Pear

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Origin: Canada


White Spicy Pear is a match made in tea heaven! A delight for cool fireside nights, or fall mornings- imagine baked pear tart, or pear-apple crumble. The warm spice blend combined with sweet pear and apples just perfectly compliment the pure mellow white tea. Incredibly rich in taste, sweet pear and juicy apple go hand in hand with cinnamon spice, blended all together over a base of our imperial Chinese white peony.


White tea, apple pieces, pear pieces, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), cinnamon pieces, flavouring, sunflower blossoms
Caffeine Level:
Very Low
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 190F/85C and steep for 3-4 minutes.


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6 reviews
Quality    ****  93%

Kristen Nghiem

02/27/2017, 09:12

Quality    *****
Very good as a light steep. The pear taste isn't overpowering or synthetic tasting. I enjoy this as a cold tea. I will buy this again.
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Linda P

02/12/2016, 13:53

Quality    *****
This is the tea that made me a Tea Lyra fan! I initially found it on Amazon couple years ago and have absolutely loved it ever since! It has a full and naturally fruity flavor, along with a perfect degree of sweetness even for one who never adds sugar to her tea. I love that the flavors are strong but not at all artificial tasting, a rare combination in my experience. I enjoy it hot in the fall and winter but also frequently make a pitcher of it iced in the warmr months. Highly recommended for anyone who is a connoisseur of flavored teas!
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04/07/2015, 09:31

Quality    *****
This is absolutely delicious! I'm glad I purchased a 100 gram bag. Before I run out I'll be buying one or more 200 gram bags. It's just that good!
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02/22/2015, 20:32

Quality    *****
Ordered a lot of samples, there were only 3 that I came back to reorder; this was 1 of them! Love it Iced! Make it as a refrigerator tea in an infuser jug, YUM YUM!!
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07/14/2014, 08:54

Quality    ****
The taste is very good, but there just is not much actual tea in this one. It is more like a fruit drink. We will enjoy the rest of the bag I bought by adding a white tea tea bag to it to get more tea flavor and still enjoy notes of the other flavors in this tea.
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06/14/2014, 09:42

Quality    ****
This is a delicious, pretty-in-the-cup tea. Its light flavor is perfect for lazy mornings. Sweet, but not syrupy, with a nice pinch of cinnamon for snap.
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