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White Dragon Pearl

White Dragon Pearl

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The extraordinary White Dragon Pearl is a delicate hand rolled white tea. Each is individually handcrafted with care into a medium-sized “pearl” that gently unfurls as you steep it. Fine white tea from China’s coastal Fujian Province is known for its excellent standard of quality due to the high elevation tea gardens that are shrouded in cool mist with abundant clean air- these tea gardens produce some of the world’s finest white tea.

The tea is picked in a ratio of just two leaves to every bud, following a strict quality and tasting standards introduced during the Ming Dynasty. Processing of the tea is kept to a minimum, with the freshly plucked leaves and buds hand-rolled, dried and withered almost immediately after picking!

Once steeped, the result is a delicate, fine flowery white tea with a mild flavor, and a gentle fruit blossom finish. White Dragon Pearl has a taste that is much more delicate than a Bai Hao Yin Zhen, or Bai Mu Dan.


How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1 tea ball
8oz / 200ml
190F / 85°C
3 - 4 min
White Tea
by Enid Sinensis
January 2019
Brewed gongfu style, a mild and surprisingly sweet white tea with definite honey overtones which become milder and more fruit blossom-like after around the fourth infusion. A high quality white tea and a must try for anyone who likes honey flavours.
by Jd
September 2021
My first large pearl brewing experience. I do a lot of Gong Fu brewing but pearls (especially this large) take time to open. I highly recommend a rinse. And a step of at least a minute. Keep in mind being cooler at around 175-180 will bring it a more floral tone bring higher at 190-95 will make it taste more woody. It does have a nice clear liquid and is smooth. It's aged and smells like mao feng. (A green tea blend I love)
by Nikau Ferguson-Spence
August 2021
lovely, mild tea, each ball lasts for a long time.
Different to brew due to the large size of the Pearls.
I used 1 in a glass and brew grandpa style, rinse for 10 seconds first. Then I would use cooler water ~60C and brew for: 2+ minutes, and this lasted many steeps through the whole day. Also very tasty Cold-brewed
by Riverbank Hank
March 2021
Very good tea, but the product description on the website is not accurate to what you get. It shows 1 ball per 8 oz cup (which, by the way Tealyra, is 240 ml, not 200 ml), and I wondered how many balls/cups I would get in a 50g order for that price. That info is not provided anywhere on the webpage. What I received was 7 balls, and on the package it says to use 1 ball per 16 oz of water. The balls received were quite large. So it looks like I'll be brewing pots instead of cups, and that I'll end up getting 3-1/2 pots/14 cups for the price paid. No matter how good the tea is, that's a bit out of my budget for daily/regular consumption. So don't think I'll be reordering this one.