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Earl Grey Classic Black Tea

Earl Grey Klassisch

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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Koffeinspiegel (mg/1g)
Earl Grey ist ein raffinierter englischer Tee Klassiker - und wenn Sie einen traditionellen Geschmack des besten englischen Klassikers wollen - dann gibt es absolut keine Notwendigkeit, etwas zu ändern, das perfekt ist!

Wir wollten das unser Earl Grey Klassik seiner Tradition treu bleibt, wir ließen ihn pur und einfach, um Ihnen den besten Earl Grey zu bieten; eine einfache Mischung aus leckerem schwarzem Ceylon Tee aus Sri Lanka, verstärkt durch die Zugabe von sehr aromatischem und natürlichem Öl der Bergamotte aus der Region. Bergamotte-Öl ist extrem komplementär, und gibt dem Earl Grey seine zitronige Note. Das ist der Schlüssel zu einem Earl Grey Geschmack wie er sein sollte!
Ausgewählte Zutaten
Wie man eine perfekte
Tasse Tee zubereitet
1 TSP oder 1 BEUTEL
8oz / 200ml
205F / 95°C
3 - 4 min
Schwarzer Tee, Kornblumenblätter, natürliches Aroma
Hadeil Al-Tamimi
Januar 2024
[EN] Very glad I bought this despite the low reviews. Great Earl grey. If you like strong citrus earl grey aroma this one delivers. I’ve tried several ones and I seem to prefer the soap smelling kind lol This has such a nice smell and taste once brewed. Not bitter at all. Make sure to not exceed 5min. I brew mine at 95c and steep for 5 then immediately remove the leaves and add some milk. If you drink without milk I would advice brewing for 3-4 min.
Februar 2022
[EN] Having searched to find the perfect Earl Grey, and being disappointed many times over, this is definitely the nicest version I've found to date. It is divinely fragrant as noted by another reviewer, this is exactly how Earl Grey should be! The bergamot is just right, powerful enough to be of note which I find is missing in many others. You know you're drinking a high quality tea - the comparison to Twinings made me laugh!
Dezember 2021
[EN] after trying several different earl grey teas, this is the best flavor, i found alot of other teas had tooooo much bergamont to the point where it seemed like i was drinking perfume, yuck! if you want the best try tealyra.
März 2021
[EN] I have no idea what the reviewers are on about with regards to this Earl Grey, they must be used to boring tea. This is not boring bland flavorless tea. This is a divinely fragrant powerful truly bergamot flavored tea. No this is not Twinings (insert eye roll emoji here ???? ), this is a real bold delicious strong black tea. If you like Twinings or Bigelow, then buy that, you shouldn’t be shopping for boutique teas anyway cause you obviously don’t understand them, they are intended to be flavourful, not bland. The scent of this tea is citrusy, flowery, invigorating and just gorgeous. If you don’t like that then you shouldn’t bother. Go to a high tea event and significantly overpay for a boring white bread and cucumber sandwich to have with your boring tea instead.
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