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Chashaku Bamboo Matcha Scoop


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Der Bambus-Chashaku (Teeschaufel) wird zum Abmessen des Matcha-Teepulvers verwendet. Der Chashaku ist in der traditionellen japanischen Teezeremonie (Chanoyu) unerlässlich.

Matcha ist ein einzigartiger japanischer Grüntee, der mit Steinen zu einem sehr feinen Pulver gemahlen wurde und vor dem Verzehr mit Wasser verquirlt (nicht aufgegossen) werden muss. Ein schlichter und eleganter Chashaku hilft Ihnen, eine einzigartige Erfahrung in der traditionellen Teezeremonie zu machen, eine perfekte Art, die feine traditionelle japanische Kultur zu genießen.

- Umweltfreundlich, umweltfreundliches Bambusholz
- Hergestellt in China
von Huma Arshad
Januar 2024
[EN] I didn't know I needed it until I used it. I bought the scoop because of the reviews and didn't consider the price a deal breaker if I didn't like it. First try and I realized how wrong I was to use Matcha Scoop from David's Tea to measure Matcha from Tealyra. Even though my brain was constantly nudging me to add more matcha I trusted the instructions on matcha tea I recently got in the same order as this scoop, and Wala! The best tasting matcha I ever prepared. There is something magical about how this scoop only picks up the required amount and doesn't over do it.
von Laura S
Januar 2022
[EN] I loved the green color of packaging the chashuku arrived in, plus in one piece. When I went to scoop my matcha tea it became clear this tool was made to measures the right two portions easily and effortlessly! The standard plastic round ½ teaspoon I had on hand was simply not designed for the task of scooping matcha tea out of its round canister, especially as it got lower and lower.

Happy with my first ever chashuku purchase!
von Christie Lee
September 2017
[EN] The chashaku is great! I have always seen it used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony and thought it couldnt possibly measure enough tea- surprisingly it does measure out a proper amount of matcha when I use this myself. I find it great for home use, and of course it is essential for tea ceremony.

Very good quality product that is beautiful and practical.