japanese matcha bowl

Japanese Matcha Bowl

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Origin: Japan
matcha bowl matcha bowl


Japanese matcha is a unique Japanese green tea that has been stone ground into a very fine powder and must be whisked (not steeped) in water before consuming. A beautiful Japanese Matcha Bowl is essential for enjoying traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It helps you to have a unique experience, to enjoy the traditional way of tea. Our matcha bowls are the perfect way to enjoy fine traditional Japanese culture. Choose from a variety of styles, to find one that is most pleasing to you.


- 5" Diameter (12.5cm) x Height 3" (7.5cm)
- Made in Japan


    Step 1: Warm your matcha bowl by pouring warm water into your bowl.

    Step 2: Empty the bowl of the warm water and add in 2 scoops of matcha powder.

    Step 3: Add warm water into the matcha bowl.

    Step 4: Briskly whisk the matcha powder with the water together until the tea becomes lightly frothy.

    Step 5: Remove the whisk and hold the matcha bowl with both hands. Turn the bowl counter-clock wise twice and serve to guest.




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Quality    *****  100%

Isabelle, Québec

07/19/2017, 12:05

Quality    *****
Je suis très satisfaite de la qualité du bol à matcha. Il est tout simplement magnifique !
Couleur beige recommandée.
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03/16/2016, 11:55

Quality    *****
I have the black and a beige bowl. Both are simply gorgeous. These bowls are the only way to drink Matcha properly!
Found useful: 119

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11/17/2015, 18:27

Quality    *****
a perfect, beautiful bowl.
Found useful: 117

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