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Blueberry Matcha Pre-Mix

Blueberry Matcha Pre-Mix

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Origin: Japan


Here is a modern twist on a Japanese classic! Our Blueberry Matcha pre-mix combines top quality pure matcha with the complementary taste and aroma of fresh blueberries! Easy to prepare, our Blueberry Matcha instantly disolves in water. This is absolutely fabulous prepared straight by whisking into hot water, and is downright indulgent with hot milk! Sweet blueberry flavor takes the lead, pure matcha lingers in the background! Our Blueberry Matcha is sweetened with natural cane sugar, does not have any artificial colors, preservatives or chemical additives. Naturally organic, our top quality Blueberry Matcha blend is not only delicious but good for you too!



Premium Matcha powder 25%, can sugar 75%, natural blueberry flavor
Take matcha tea, bowl, sifter, bamboo scoop and whisk: - Sift 1 matcha scoop (1/2 teaspoon) matcha directly into the bowl - Add 70-90ml of hot water (under boiling, 75C/175F) - Whisk rapidly back and forth until matcha is dissolved - Drink immediately **** MAKE MATCHA LATTE: - Add 1 tea spoon of matcha directly into the mug - Add 1/3cup boiling water to your mug filled with matcha and whisk until the matcha appears to be dissolved - Heat 2/3cup milk until steaming - Finally, pour the heated milk into your mug with the matcha and add sugar or honey to taste.


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Quality    ****  98%

Lily Castle

06/06/2020, 13:41

Quality    *****
This is by far my favorite blueberry matcha and I feel like I've tried ALL of the ones on Amazon. So good.
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Holland, Jill

10/09/2018, 17:42

Quality    ****
The blueberry blend is just way too sweet and too many carbs and sugar in it. Hopefully you can tweak it to take out the excess sugar or find another way to sweeten it.
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Stephen Mynett

07/22/2018, 12:52

Quality    *****
I drink a lot of Matcha and had tried many others before seeing the Tealyra flavoured varieties so decided to try this plus the Vanilla and Raspberry a go and find this one is the best, although after a less than pleasant start.
My first drink with this was poor, it was far too sweet and there was no substance or body to the Matcha, I normally drink Izu Premium from Tealyra and that has a little body to it, making it the great drink it is. I decided to persevere with the Blueberry as the aroma and taste of Blueberry was good, it was only the over-sweetness and wateriness that put me off.
The solution was simple and provides for me a very nice drink. To my normally amount of Izu Premium I add a little Blueberry and the result is a good tasting Matcha with body like the Izu but with the fragrance and flavour of the Blueberry coming through and this time not too sweet.
I was very undecided about giving this five stars, especially as my first taste would have rated one or two but then decided to compromise as this, when blended with a better Matcha makes and interesting and very enjoyable drink, a little different from the everyday Izu I love and drink a lot of but still fancy a change from at times.
I have also tried the blend idea with the Raspberry and Vanilla and that also makes them into drinkable and not too sweet drinks, although the former is much nicer.
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Annie Gagnon

03/31/2017, 13:01

Quality    *****
I am in love with this matcha! WOW it's taste soooo good! I put little hot water and drink it with vanilla almond milk with ice this is delicious! Thank you so much for this matcha!
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01/11/2017, 12:21

Quality    *****
Amazing blend, if you like Matcha for is benefits ,but not so much for the flavor... this is a +2, sweet taste and benefit of matcha but also all the great benefits of blueberries, love it and my children too.
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04/29/2015, 07:57

Quality    *****
i love the Izu matcha , but for a reconforting tea and especially for my kids 13 and 10 , they love it....and is the best way besides oranges, to give them vitamin C, the oldest says it makes her feel smarter, taste and aroma are excelent, just a little to sweet for me, that usually don't use sugar on tea :-)
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06/22/2014, 11:55

Quality    *****
Heat a bit of water to dissolve the matcha. Then add cold milk (I use almond milk), cold water & ice. Tastes delicious!!
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05/26/2014, 07:32

Quality    *****
I drink this every morning! helps with digestion if you drink it after your meals!
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