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Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1

Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1

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Origin: Japan


This is one of our highest qualities of pure matcha!

Imperial Ceremonial Matcha has been grown in Nishio (within the Aichi prefecture of Japan) for centuries, and is renowned all over the world as a tea for the true connoisseur. A favorite among Japan’s tea ceremony instructors due to its intense aroma and rich yet delicate taste. Imperial Matcha Ceremonial Grade 1 really is a tea fit for an Emperor.

If you want to drink straight matcha and are seeking incredible quality at a reasonable price, this is your choice!

We have recently upgraded our Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1- we are confident you will love it as much as we do. We are proud to offer an even better, smoother and less bitter matcha at our excellent prices.


Japanese Matcha powder
Take matcha tea, bowl, sifter, bamboo scoop and whisk: - Sift 1 matcha scoop (1/2 teaspoon) matcha directly into the bowl - Add 70-90ml of hot water (under boiling, 75C/175F) - Whisk rapidly back and forth until matcha is dissolved - Drink immediately.


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17 reviews
Quality    ****  99%


01/06/2020, 14:19

Quality    *****
This is my FAVORITE matcha tea by far!!! ... after trying many many ones over the years. It has a bright, fresh flavor and is very smooth.
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03/07/2019, 11:18

Quality    *****
Ok I absolutely ???? LOVE this matcha blend. I ordered a few from here and this was my first to try and it froths up great.!. I also ordered the tin to get the clumps out. Love it. I love that they have so many different kinds .. Thank you. I also order from the tea spot living in Colorado, but they only have 2 matchas and I am enjoying these matchas much more.!. Mmmm and you guys have masala chai as well..!!
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03/02/2019, 01:22

Quality    *****
I love love this Matcha tea. When I first tried matcha a couple years ago I had to admit I did it because it was popular for antioxidant and the mental boost. I hated the flavor (it was also a different brand). Then I tried loose tea which I loved it and found that Tealyra has many more options. I gave matcha the second tried and got the cheapest one which I still liked it, not so much the flavor but the effect in brain. Then it was addictive and I decided to try this version. Wow!!!! flavor and great boost in your brain, what else you need? This is great tea with great flavor, this is what you need to have every single day to be successful in life and happy.
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michelle kniff

08/30/2018, 13:43

Quality    *****
this tea is fantastic! I drank teavana for years, and have been searching for something i loved as much. I found it1
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03/03/2018, 19:38

Quality    ****
I love the flavor of this tea. Strong umami flavor with no bitterness whatsoever. However, it does not foam like other ones (e.g. samurai matcha). Therefore, I’m giving it 4 stars.
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Ben Garden

06/05/2017, 17:59

Quality    *****
This is the best Matcha I've ever tried, and I've gone through a few. No hint of bitterness, nice and rounded smooth flavour. The problem with Matcha is once you've tried good quality ceremonial, you can't go back to drinking the cheaper stuff because it tastes nasty and bitter. I'l be ordering more of this to get our day off to a good start.....
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05/18/2017, 15:43

Quality    *****
This ceremony is very good. It smells good when I just opened the tea bag. The taste is sweet, fresh and smooth. The quality is very good at this price.
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05/16/2016, 09:56

Quality    *****
Ce matcha est délicieux même addictif! Environ 30 minutes après avoir consommé on se sent plus relax ma blonde et moi, assez pour avoir le goût d'en reprendre encore après le souper. J'ai aussi moins de goût de manger des cochonneries entre les repas. C'est ma 6ieme journée que j'en prend et ma libido a augmentée! Je ne pensais pas que l'effet du matcha était si rapide sur le sentiment de bien-être. à plus.
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David Alary

01/14/2016, 11:57

Quality    *****
J'adore ce thé Matcha. J'en ai goûté plusieurs et d'un aspect qualité prix c'est le meilleur. Il est peut-être plus dispendieux que les autres, mais il en vaut l’achat. Il est d'un beau vert éclatant. Il est goûteux. Sa classification organique est un plus! On peut immédiatement voir qu'il s'agit de qualité. Selon moi, si vous voulez déguster un thé matcha, selon moi, il est préférable d'acheter de la qualité. Vous apprécierez mieux votre expérience de dégustation.
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10/21/2015, 05:01

Quality    *****
Needed no sugar or milk for a creamy blend
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03/04/2015, 11:50

Quality    *****
I have tried various brands of matcha and this matcha is by far the best. Brilliant green color and a smooth finish.
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11/14/2014, 04:36

Quality    *****
This is the first time I drink matcha and I love it. I will buy other matcha tea from you to compare them and review them later !!
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09/10/2014, 07:40

Quality    *****
Loving the Taste of this matcha , very aromatic and very smooth highly recommended
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03/30/2014, 10:32

Quality    *****
This matcha tea is what it says it is, Premium ceremonial quality. It has a very mellow taste can be bitter if you add too much. I purchased this for help losing belly fat...too soon to tell. I think it does up my metabolism a little. My workouts are more sweaty so we will see if any results show after some time. I make a 1/2 teaspoon serving in a demi cup. Use the bamboo whisk to make it frothy.
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03/22/2014, 11:10

Quality    *****
I received the matcha and immediately took a bit and examined it under sunlight. Beautiful green color and fine texture!

I whisked up a bowl and sipped it...very good taste.

This is very good quality matcha for a great price, I recommend it.
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02/28/2014, 17:54

Quality    *****
Lovely fragrance and flavor--smoothie worthy! Nice color and texture too! Been using this one for months now.
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02/16/2014, 11:51

Quality    *****
Amazing value for an amazing Matcha! Sweet with no bitterness. Vibrant green and soooo smooth!
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