Origin: China

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Lyra Glass Teapot 37 oz
Well-designed modern, little teapot with a sleek look
Earl Grey Bloom
Fiery orange, yellow and reddish flowers with comforting bergamot flavor
Pluto Porcelain Teapot 18.2oz
Pluto is a small porcelain teapot created with the tea lover in mind, it is as lovely as it is...
Sumo Ceramic Cup Infuser 13.5oz
Handsome small tea mug that is heavy, thick walled and comes in a variety of colors
Lotus Leaf Tranquility
Soothing and calming natural lotus leaf and liquorice tisane
Oriental Cherry Oolong
Oolong tea with sakura blossom and sweet cherry taste
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Jambo Glass Carafe 67.5 fl.oz.
Jambo Glass Carafe 67.5 fl.oz.
Elegant super large capacity glass carafe that is perfect for hot and cold beverages
White Dragon Pearl
Luxurious hand-rolled Fujian white pearl tea - rare, subtle with gentle fruit sweetness
Glass Teapot & Kettle w/ Infuser 47oz
Modern minimalist tea teapot and kettle with infuser that is stove top safe
White Cui Mei
Bold tea that is full rich with a balanced woodsy chestnut aroma 
20 Year Aged Iceland Pu’erh Raw
Highly sought after smooth aged raw pu’erh from ancient trees
Shenya Green Silver Needle
Luxurious and rare green tea silver needle made with early harvest buds
1 2 3 4 5
3 - 9


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