Origin: China

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Chou Shi Dan Cong
Incredibly fragrant and flavorful oolong with a rich, sweet and floral gardenia aroma
La Lune Glass Cup & Saucer, Set of 4
Modern style and simple designed tea cup with Saucer
Raspberry Oolong
Floral high mountain oolong with loads of pure crushed raspberry flavor
Glass Teapot & Kettle 60oz
Modern minimalist large-capacity tea pitcher that is stove top safe
Jin Jun Mei
Lovely Jin Jun Mei has malty, honey notes and is a velvety smooth black tea variety
Cui Ming Green
Fragrant spring harvested green tea from Yunnan province
Universe Double Wall Glasses, Set of 4
Dainty Universe Double Wall Tea are beautifully hand blown and absolutely elegant
Peak Ceramic Cup Infuser 19oz
Handsome large mug that is heavy, thick walled and comes in a variety of colors
Huang Cha Yellow Tea
Wonderfully floral- silimar to an oolong you'll notice a slight chrysanthemum aroma
Fujian Mao Feng Supreme
High quality Mao Feng Chinese green tea that is buttery with chestnut notes
Sirius Double Wall Glass Mugs, Set of 2
Gorgeous and well-designed; it comes in a large 500ml size
Banana Boom
Sweet banana scented green tea that beautifully blooms right before your eyes
1 2 3 4 5 6
4 - 9


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