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Infusor Taza Cerámica Pico

Infusor Taza Cerámica Pico

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Nuestra atractiva Taza de Cerámica Pico para Té es pesada y de paredes gruesas, por lo que su té se mantendrá a la temperatura correcta durante más tiempo. El infusor es fácil de cargar y limpiar y encaja perfectamente en la propia taza. Esta taza viene con una práctica tapa para optimizar la infusión, que también sirve como posavasos para el colador después de la infusión. El infusor de té superfino también se puede utilizar con otras tazas de té o con su tetera favorita. La Taza de Té de Cerámica Peak es increíblemente práctica, haciendo que cada taza de té sea fácil de preparar y disfrutar. Creemos que se enamorará de nuestra Taza de Cerámica para Té Peak tanto como nosotros.

Características de diseño:

- Apta para lavavajillas y microondas (excepto el infusor de metal)
- Resistente al calor hasta 120C/240F
- Cerámica de alta cocción
- Infusor de acero inoxidable extraíble
- Tapa de cerámica que sirve de posavasos para el infusor de té
- Capacidad: 500 ml

18.1oz / 580ml
por Pax
Diciembre 2023
[EN] I bought one of these from a retailer in Galena, IL - a tourist town several hours away from where I live. When I got home, I noticed that the upper part of the handle came apart from the body. Since I bought it from a physical location several hours away, I figured that I would contact the OEM instead of the retailer. I was immediately in contact with a representative, Sergio, and his customer service is really second-to-none. He shipped us a replacement and it was perfect! It's my wife's favorite mug and she uses it all the time. Having the separate infuser is so helpful. In summary - great product and excellent customer service!
por Bill
Marzo 2023
[EN] I love this mug and infuser! So simple - very well made and finished.

por Deae Corbin
Julio 2022
[EN] a substancial wotk of art...keeps tea hot, basket holds the tinest particles , deep enough to put asmuch as you want or mix, handle on both mug n strainer and body of mug are ergonomical craftd. . the top has dual fuction-cover drink n holds strainer securely
por Vera L.
Abril 2022
[EN] GREAT mug GREAT quality and GREAT price. Perfectly designed set of three components to work well together. I like the colour choice,m however I decided for the white one so I can see and enjoy the different colours of teas. Which by the way are also superb at TeaLyra. And with the discount they very often offer there is even grater pleasure to shop there. I would definitely recommend TeaLyra to any tea lover. Vera L.
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