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Raíz de diente de león

Raíz de diente de león

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Nivel de cafeína (mg/1g)

La raíz de diente de león se utiliza tradicionalmente por sus beneficios para la salud digestiva. Tiene propiedades diuréticas naturales que ayudan al cuerpo a eliminar de forma natural las toxinas nocivas acumuladas en el hígado; y aumenta el flujo de bilis. Es una gran fuente de antioxidantes y puede tener características de prevención del cáncer. El té de raíz de diente de león también ayuda a aclarar las afecciones de la piel. Tiene un sabor a grano tostado, a nuez, terroso y herbal; esto es pura y simple raíz de diente de león, ¡para obtener resultados rápidos!

Sugerimos pedir consejo a su proveedor de atención médica y no usar este producto si sufre de trastornos de la vesícula biliar o del hígado.

Ingredientes destacados
Diente de león
Cómo preparar
una taza de té perfecta
1-2 cucharadas o 1 bolsa
8oz / 200ml
205F / 95°C
4 - 6 min
Raíz de diente de león
por Ronald Bernander
este mes
[EN] This tea is alright in its raw form, although I found it a bit too bitter. When this tea is roasted in the oven though it turns into a delicious, earthy, malty and slightly bitter coffee-like tea that is best served hot with a splash of milk.

I did have a problem with lots of a mud or clay like substance within the loose tea. While it is inconvenient to sift through the tea before brewing it is also adding weight to what you are paying for that is not the dandelion root. It sucks because I like this tea so much but I am also worried about ingesting too much of the dirt from it.

They did say they were going to refund me for it and hopefully the supplier can change their process to fix it in the future. If they can get this one right I honestly think Tealyra is the best one-stop-shop to get fresh, organic herbal teas from.
por Natalie
Noviembre 2022
[EN] In the first instance it definitely resembles an ‘earthy’ taste which is its first burst of flavour. However the lasting taste is most smooth and palatable. If your not so keen on the taste maybe only use 1 teaspoon as the benefits totally outweigh the taste. It’s a brilliant tea for digestive issues and I found it helped to reduce my skin breakout whilst detoxing.
por Aaron Brook
Febrero 2022
[EN] There's a bitter richness to this that resembles certain coffees. I don't think anybody loves how this tastes, but it grows on you. If you like 100% chocolate, black coffee, or really strong wines, this stuff will resonate with you. Earthy as it may be, it's remarkably soothing and goes down easy. If you struggle with digestive issues and can't handle the strength of mint, the fire of ginger, or the temperature of spices, look no further.
por Carol
Mayo 2019
[EN] Dandelion is a wonderful herbal treatment, for anyone who is feeling under par, especially those with fatigue/ chronic fatigue.

Drinking a number of cups on a daily basis, will strengthen your bodies internal organs and keep you free from any health problems.

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