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Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Tarta de Calabaza Perfecta

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Nivel de cafeína (mg/1g)
Nutrition hechos
Dosis ml
Cantidad por ración
8.4 kcal / 35 kJ
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No hay nada como una tarta de calabaza perfecta. Las mejores tartas siempre tienen una corteza tierna y escamosa y un relleno cremoso de crema de calabaza ligeramente especiada: el equilibrio adecuado de cremosidad, especias y riqueza. Oh, ¿también es muy exigente con las tartas de calabaza? ¡Pues tenemos el té perfeco para Usted!

Rebosante de sabor, nuestro Tarta de Calabaza Perfecta combina lo mejor de ambos mundos en una infusión decadente y perfectamente especiada...  sin la molestia de tener que preparar su mejor masa de tarta casera.

Comenzamos la mezcla con verdaderos cubitos de calabaza reales, a los que hemos añadido trozos grandes de canela, jengibre, cardamomo, aroma natural, pimienta rosa y cúrcuma potente, para obtener un color brillante y sorprendentes beneficios para la salud. Nuestra infusión Tarta de Calabaza Perfecta no solo sabe como espera, sino que está llena de plantas y especias antiinflamatorias. Al primer sorbo, la perfección cremosa dulce se combina maravillosamente con la mezcla equilibrada de especias y el sabor redondeado de calabaza. ¡A disfrutar!

Ingredientes destacados
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Cómo preparar
una taza de té perfecta
1-2 cucharadas o 1 bolsa
8oz / 200ml
205F / 95°C
5 - 8 min
Calabaza, manzana, canela, jengibre, raíz de cúrcuma, canela en rama, clavo, cardamomo, pimienta rosa, aroma natural
Margaret Aarreberg
Noviembre 2023
[EN] The very best pumpkin tea ive personally tried from any other seller. This is balanced and pumpkiny with spices and sweetness. Its very good.

I will say though, that by weight, you need more per cup than normal. I would normally use 4.5g for my 12oz teapot, this blend needed more like 7-9g because of the weight of the pieces. If you measure by teaspoons, the pieces are also fairly large so youll need to adjust by volume as well

So if your cup seems weak, play around with how much you add.
Susan Otter
Abril 2022
[EN] After drinking my first cup of this, I decided to make myself a whole pot to get me through the day. It is wonderful! Sometimes I add milk, and it's like adding whipped cream to your pumpkin pie! If you like pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, this is perfect, and you can enjoy it any time of the year.
Bree Barton
Noviembre 2021
[EN] I ordered a new batch of teas last week, received them about an hour ago, and brewed a cup of perfect pumpkin pie just now. Friends, the name does not lie. This tea is PERFECT. Beyond perfect, really: the pinnacle of pumpkin perfection. The autumnal dream of whimsical warmth and cozy comfort, sipping tea by a crackling fire, swathed in your favorite thick blanket. Does this fantasy make me basic? Probably.

Let me be clear: this tea is ABSURDLY GOOD. Do not be alarmed by the appearance and scent of the unbrewed leaves. When I opened the bag, I thought, "Is this actually potpourri?" But then I steeped the tea, heated some cashew milk, frothed it, blended everything together, took a sip... and my soul left my body to go screaming in glee around the giant sparkly pumpkin patch in the sky. I will never waste my money on a latte again. Starbucks, stand back: Tealyra has stripped you of your star. LONG LIVE PERFECT PUMPKIN PIE.
Ricardo Ramnath
Mayo 2021
[EN] AWESOME!!!! Taste reminds me of autumn (fall) I just love this tea all the herbs mixed together just compliments each other. I don't need no starbucks latte anymore :)
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