Venus Double Wall Cup Infuser

Venus Double Wall Cup Infuser

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Origin: China


Our Venus Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is functional and well-designed! Venus Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is large, lightweight and sturdy, and effortless to clean. Venus’ double walled design makes sure that while your tea stays hot, the mug is cool to the touch!

The stainless steel infuser is accented with a bright silicone band; this silicone band prevents chipping the rim, and keeps the edges cool for easy removal after brewing! The infuser is easy to load and clean and fits snuggly on the glass mug itself. The glass lid is slightly convex so the condensation drips back into the mug; it can also be used as a “coaster” for the infuser once the tea is steeped! Great for any loose teas, tisanes, or blooming teas; Venus Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is bound to be your new favorite mug!

Design features:

- Dishwasher and microwave safe (glass parts only)
- Heat-resistant double walled borosilicate glass
- Stainless steel extra fine removable infuser
- Glass lid that doubles as a coaster for tea infuser
- Capacity: 13.5oz / 400 ml


Volume :


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5 reviews
Quality    *****  100%

Stephen Chaplin

11/16/2019, 05:41

Quality    *****
This mug is AWESOME! Before this mug, making leaf tea was a hassle and something I would do every now and then. Since this mug arrived, all I have drunk is leaf tea. BTW I work at home and drink a lot of tea :) I think I would be lost without this mug haha.
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02/06/2019, 19:17

Quality    *****
Received this as a Christmas present. Best tea cup ever!
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Susan Wilson

11/08/2017, 10:57

Quality    *****
This mug is amazing. It holds a lot more tea than you'd think and it really does an amazing job of keeping it hot for quite a long time. The handle fits very comfortably in my hand and the outside never becomes too hot to the touch. It's actually a nice size to wrap your hands around to warm them up :) I LOVE the diffuser, it delivers a solid cuppa without any bits in the tea I'm drinking. The lid is ingenious. It's nice to use while diffusing to keep all the heat in the mug, and then you can use it to place the diffuser in while you sip your tea - no muss no fuss! It's easy to clean too! I never thought I'd switch from my old fashioned china cups and saucers but this wonderful mug in my new fav for tea.
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12/31/2016, 17:33

Quality    *****
I received this mug as a Christmas present and I am certainly in love with it. This is the first time I have been able to brew my cup of tea with NO loose tea in the bottom!. Best present EVER!
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01/06/2015, 12:52

Quality    *****
These are one of the greatest infuser mugs I've ever had! I Bought for my husband & myself 1st; we used them every evening as we enjoyed one of our many teas. When Christmas came I decided to get one plus tea samples as gifts for all our friends; needless to say it was a huge hit! I've never had so many great comments on gifts. There are so many tea drinkers that enjoy a soothing cup of tea in the evening but don't bother to buy a Infuser mug. These are the Bomb!!! I wash in the dishwasher every couple days & they come out beautiful!! Love my mugs!

I have 2 of these mugs & 4 of the Kati mugs in different patterns. My husband & I drink a great deal of tea; I've collected teas from all over the world & have become somewhat of a tea addict, hahaha! There's not much better than settling down in the evening with a book and a great mug of tea! It's such a wonderful experience. I like to run my mugs through the dishwasher so they come out sparkling clean; having multiples makes this process easy.

I would definitely recommend this mug! It's beautiful & keeps your tea hot for a good amount of time (I use the lid on top to keep it hot longer) We've had these mugs for 6 months now, using almost daily & they still look brand new as does the infuser. I don't put the infuser in the dishwasher, I wash by hand, It still looks clean & sparkles like new. A Wonderful buy!!
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