easyTEA Infuser

easyTEA Infuser

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Origin: China


Our easyTEA Infuser is designed for daily use. We created a stainless steel strainer that is the answer to all your steeping needs! Designed to fit most cups and teapots, though large enough to allow your leaves to expand and flow freely- maximizing their flavor and benefits. easyTEA Infuser features extra-fine holes specifically designed to keep any type of tea leaves inside your strainer and out of your cup or teapot.

Design features:

- Stainless steel
- Size: D6cm x H7cm




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8 reviews
Quality    *****  100%

Jacqueline Nokes

06/13/2018, 20:18

Quality    *****
Great design, quality product that is used multiple times a day in our house. We've had ours for several years and it's still going strong.
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Dee King

01/27/2018, 11:32

Quality    *****
This is the best infuser I have ever come across and I have used it on a daily basis for the past 2 years. It is large enough to allow the leaves to infuse properly and its' size works perfectly in either a teapot or mug. The mesh is excellent at trapping small leaves. Great quality. Very well-priced, although the P&P seemed rather high for such a small item, so if you can purchase in-store you will get a really good deal.
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Anna Zaremba

03/15/2017, 17:09

Quality    *****
I am really impressed with the quality and price of this infuser. It has lots of space for leaves to brew and is easy to clean.
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Joe Mannes

02/18/2016, 12:11

Quality    *****
This really is as good as it sounds. The size really allows the tea leaves to expand, and you get a very smooth cup of Tea out of it.

With ONE warning. Be VERY certain of the dimensions of the cup you're using. The cup I use has the EXACT same slope and diameter as this Infuser, and the water pouring through it does result in a very rapid jump up from the cup. If you're not careful, the water will jump out with it, and spill everywhere, including on you. So, go slow! Allow the water to go through slowly, so the Infuser stays in place!

Other than that, this really is the best possible Infuser you can get!
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01/27/2016, 17:34

Quality    *****
Oh man, this is an awesome tea strainer. Makes for the "cleanest" cup of tea I've ever had with loose tea, and fits right into all of my mugs. And it's easy to clean. I bought two, one for home and one for work.
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Rebecca T

01/26/2016, 13:56

Quality    *****
Great little infuser. It's well-made, has lots of space for the leaves to brew, it looks nice, and it's easy to clean.
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06/18/2015, 18:37

Quality    *****
this was my first tea strainer that I have ever used and I have been using it daily to make 1-2 gallons of tea with loose tea leaves. Have not had any loose tea come through the strainer and it is perfect for our needs! Thank you for offering a quality product at a reasonable price! I will be ordering more from this company!
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03/23/2015, 10:51

Quality    *****

1/ Stainless steel, laser perforations, does not collect residue or have leaf fragments escape.
2/ Easy twist off and on top, and seamless construction, enables easy filling and emptying of tea leaves with a firm tap in the dustbin.
3/ The size fits perfectly into the opening of the "1.2 Litre Double Wall Insulated Vacuum Push Button Jug by Sentik" or "Sunnex Stainless Steel Vacuum Jug CI0005 70oz / 2ltr | Hot Beverage Jug, Thermal Jug by Sunnex", and contains enough tea for a good brew.

I have two - one for the office and one for the home office.
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