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Glass Carafe 58 fl.oz.

Glass Carafe 58 fl.oz.

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Our minimalist modern large capacity glass pitcher can be used to serve both hot or cold beverages! Composed of high quality borosilicate glass, our artistic design and transparent body allow you to clearly see the mouthwatering beverage it contains.

The elegant stainless steel lid fits tightly into the mouth of the pitcher so it will not fall out while serving. This is the perfect option for hot tea, iced tea, fruit infused water, coffee, punch, sangria, and for decanting wine!

For instant iced tea, first brew your tea at double strength. Fill the pitcher with ice and pour the brewed tea over when steeping is complete! 

Design features:

- 100% drip-free stainless steel lid
- Dishwasher safe
- Heat resistant glass
- Perfect to make hot and cold beverages; iced tea, coffee, wine decanter
- Large capacity holds 58oz (1700ml/1.7L) of liquid


Volume :
1700ml / 58 fl.oz


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07/02/2016, 16:52

One of the most beautiful water pitchers I've seen. Sleek, light, great to hold. The top lid is a great innovation. The cover doesn't fall off when pouring water and doesn't spill.
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