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teaTravel Double Wall Glass Thermos

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Origin: China


Our teaTravel glass thermos with stainless steel infuser is ideal for infusing loose tea on the go! It makes staying hydrated and healthy incredibly simple, convenient and environmentally friendly! Our teaTravel thermos eliminates the need for wasteful plastic water bottles in a functional, and simple design.

It is the perfect option for steeping tea on the go, you can watch your tea steep through the transparent glass walls. You can also easily remove the infuser and use the teaTravel thermos for any beverage of choice- both hot and cold beverages! Including but not limited to, hot tea, iced tea, fruit infused water, and coffee! Stay hydrated on the go with our teaTravel thermos!

Design features:

- Thermo sleeve with handle included
- Dishwasher safe
- BPA free, non-toxic
- Stainless steel extra fine removable infuser
- Volume: 16 oz / 500ml




Average rating


9 reviews
Quality    ****  91%

Joan Broderick

02/01/2020, 14:52

Quality    ***
Have been using this tea "carrier" for a few months. Really liked it (5 star). Unfortunately, yesterday it gently tipped over with insulating sleeve on and the exposed glass top rim cracked. Small chards of glass started falling into the space into the insulating space. Had to throw it out. (2 star) Given that this type of mug is designed to be carried around, it could be improved by having the sleeve protect the full glass.
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10/30/2019, 03:56

Quality    ****
I got this to stop spillages moving around at work. I love it, keeps my drink warm for a couple of hours & it infuses well. The one drawback for me is the stainless steel rim on the lid really needs to be something less heat conductive and providing more grip as it can be difficult to de lid especially hot.
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05/04/2019, 12:25

Quality    *****
The lid has a wide silicone gasket and seals well. The grip is smooth stainless steel and can become difficult to open. A 'hope' silicone band fits snugly and improves the grip immensely.
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02/13/2018, 11:37

Quality    ****
All very nice except it does not keep beverages HOT after a half drive to work....just warm.

Not really of "Thermos" quality because of that
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01/18/2018, 20:23

Quality    *****
I absolutely love this travel thermos! It is very well made. The glass is nice and thick and the neoprene sleeve makes it easy to carry and hold. I have carried it by it's loop and it hangs slightly on an angle and it doesn't leak. The lid fits securely and it is easy to remove. I don't notice any scent from the neoprene sleeve as another reviewer mentioned and I am very sensitive to smell. This thermos allows me to take my loose tea anywhere I want to go. I can ditch the tea bags!
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11/14/2017, 10:35

Quality    *****
I love it. It works brilliantly.
I see just one flaw. The area around the lid is completely smooth. When the lid is tightened on a hot container, after a short while a slight vacuum builds up, making the turning of the lid quite difficult. The area around the lid ought be textured or ridged to overcome this flaw.
You're welcome!
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07/19/2017, 20:06

Quality    *****
You wont regret to have one. And will need more!!!
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03/07/2017, 00:10

Quality    *****
I've had this tea thermos for two days and I'm already wondering, how did I do without it? I had one from another site, and it leaked like a sieve. This thermos is great, doesn't leak, keeps the contents warm but it's not hot on your hands. I've used it for blooming tea and for tea leaves and both worked brilliantly. The little strainer/basket works super well.
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10/24/2016, 09:39

Quality    *****
This morning, I made my tea in this glass travel mug. I let it sit for about 1.5 hour. My tea was still warm.
I like that it is made of glass (tastless, unlike stainless steel travel mugs) and the neoprene sleeve makes it easier to carry in my purse without breaking and easier to handle as well, especially when hot. One negative point although: I could smell the neoprene at every sip, so I took the glass thermos out of the sleeve to better enjoy my Pu'erh! It's prettier anyway. The glass seems thick enough, and the thermos itself seems to be a very good quality. I am very happy with it so far! I might even order a second one!
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