Glass Teapot & Kettle 60oz

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Our modern minimalist glass pitcher; Teapot and Kettle, is gorgeous and versatile. Teapot and Kettle is stove-top safe, which makes it ideal for boiling water for steeping your favorite teas. Effortless for making and serving hot tea, iced tea and cold-steeping tea! Our simple yet modern large capacity glass jug will elegantly display your beverage of choice- a pitcher that is both stylish and practical.

Teapot and Kettle is made with the highest quality heat-resistant glass, it features a comfortable rounded handle and a drip-proof spout. A coiled stainless steel filter prevents large leaf tea particles from getting in your cup (such as oolong tea). Our eco-friendly tight fitting bamboo lid keeps your beverage fresh longer. Our Teapot and Kettle is an excellent pitcher for everyday use and entertaining alike!

Design features:

- Gas and Electric Stovetop safe
- Heat-Resistant Glass
- Dishwasher safe
- Eco-friendly bamboo lid
- Drip-proof spout
- 60oz / 1800ml capacity


1.8L / 60 fl..oz


by Sheherazahde
October 2020
I'm very pleased with this pot. It meets all my needs. I love the clear glass for making Blooming tea, and watching the water boil on my gas stove. At 60 oz this was the largest tea pot I could find for my tea parties.
I'm also very pleased with the price and the shipping. I was worried that it might break in shipping but it got to me quickly and with no damage.
It's perfect!
by Jewelie Casteel
September 2020
I love this kettle and have used it for a few years. However, the lid has been misplaced. Is there a way to order a replacement lid please?
by Mogali
August 2020
Not a review but a question. Does this work on an induction stove?
by Joan In New York
April 2020
I am writing about the Glass Teapot and Kettle, 60 oz., $25.50, code 200033-TW-P.
This is simply the best! I can say this after searching for, ordering, and using, this teapot. I have no personal investment in this, and never write reviews for anything. But it is so perfectly minimal and brilliant that every time I use it I am filled with pleasure.
I like to have a standing pot of green jasmine tea on my counter. I order my tea from Chinatown, NY. It comes in little balls of tea leaves, what they call "pearls".
This 60 oz. size allows me to have fresh tea for 2 days without having to make it every day. The bamboo lid keeps it fresh and clean. The metal strainer at the spout works perfectly to block the tea leaves from the pour into the cup or mug. It's easy to clean. The tea leaves come out easily without even having to take off the metal strainer. I fill the teapot with cold water, and place it on the burner to boil. If I wanted to, I could remove the strainer and put in in the microwave. After it's boiled, I remove it from the burner and let it sit for a few moments. I don't like to put good tea leaves into boiling hot water, so I put in the tea leaves only after it's sat for a few moments. The pour is perfect, with no after-drip at all. This glass teapot is extremely lovely to look at. Believe me, I spent alot of time searching for what I believed would be more interesting, artistic shapes and materials. This is it, folks! Save yourselves the time I spent, and give it up for this model!
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