Blueberry Matcha Pre-Mix

Prémélange Matcha Myrtille

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Voici une variante moderne d'un classique japonais ! Notre Prémélange Matcha Myrtille associe un matcha pur de qualité supérieure au goût et à l'arôme complémentaires des myrtilles fraîches ! Facile à préparer, notre Matcha Myrtille se dissout instantanément dans l'eau. Il est absolument fabuleux infusé dans l'eau chaude, et très gourmand avec du lait chaud ! La saveur douce de myrtille prend la tête, et le matcha pur persiste en arrière-plan ! Notre Matcha Myrtille est sucré au sucre de canne naturel et ne contient pas de colorants artificiels, de conservateurs ou d'additifs chimiques. Naturellement organique, notre mélange Matcha Myrtille de qualité optimale n'est pas seulement délicieux, mais également bon pour votre santé !
Mode de préparation :
0.5 CAC ou 1 SACHET
70-90ml / 2.4-3oz
75°C / 175F
0 min


Matcha en poudre de qualité supérieure 25%, sucre de canette 75%, arôme naturel de myrtille


par Philip Restall
Octobre 2020
[EN] Love it, but it is pretty sweet. It’s like blueberry matcha candy

DON’T ADD SUGAR LOL it’s already in there and I forgot a few times

Personally I add about double what they suggest otherwise it’s way too watery. 1 teaspoon to every 8 ounces and you’ll be right as rain.
par Lily Castle
Juin 2020
[EN] This is by far my favorite blueberry matcha and I feel like I've tried ALL of the ones on Amazon. So good.
par Holland, Jill
Octobre 2018
[EN] The blueberry blend is just way too sweet and too many carbs and sugar in it. Hopefully you can tweak it to take out the excess sugar or find another way to sweeten it.
par Stephen Mynett
Juillet 2018
[EN] I drink a lot of Matcha and had tried many others before seeing the Tealyra flavoured varieties so decided to try this plus the Vanilla and Raspberry a go and find this one is the best, although after a less than pleasant start.
My first drink with this was poor, it was far too sweet and there was no substance or body to the Matcha, I normally drink Izu Premium from Tealyra and that has a little body to it, making it the great drink it is. I decided to persevere with the Blueberry as the aroma and taste of Blueberry was good, it was only the over-sweetness and wateriness that put me off.
The solution was simple and provides for me a very nice drink. To my normally amount of Izu Premium I add a little Blueberry and the result is a good tasting Matcha with body like the Izu but with the fragrance and flavour of the Blueberry coming through and this time not too sweet.
I was very undecided about giving this five stars, especially as my first taste would have rated one or two but then decided to compromise as this, when blended with a better Matcha makes and interesting and very enjoyable drink, a little different from the everyday Izu I love and drink a lot of but still fancy a change from at times.
I have also tried the blend idea with the Raspberry and Vanilla and that also makes them into drinkable and not too sweet drinks, although the former is much nicer.
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