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10 Famous Chinese Teas

Chinese Tea 

10 Famous Chinese Teas

China is the country that introduced the world to tea. Local craftsmen make hundreds of fragrant, delicious and healthy varieties.


Types of Chinese teas

Famous Chinese teas are more than just a drink, they are a beauty, a benefit and a pleasure. Only black and green varieties in the Celestial Empire are not limited to, you can try other types of Chinese tea: turquoise (oolong), white, yellow, puerh (Shu and Sheng). In addition, there are delightful floral teas. But the classic tea is considered to be a drink created from the leaves of the tea bush.

«If you are not yet familiar with tea from the Celestial Empire, start your tasting with the outstanding varieties. Which ones? Here's a list of 10 of China's most famous teas.»


Famous Chinese teas

Long Jing. The fragrant green variety Dragon's Well, which has long been drunk by emperors, comes from Zhejiang province. It takes about 100 thousand tender shoots to make a kilogram of tea. They are roasted in cauldrons to stop fermentation, and pressed to a red-hot surface. The tea stems are long, flat, and juicy. This tea is high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant with rejuvenating properties.


Supreme West Lake Long Jing Dragon Well. The legendary tea is the record holder in terms of teapot size. The roasted leaves turn a rich green, with pleasant floral notes in the finished drink. Famous Chinese teas often belong to the category of green teas and are always drunk without sugar.



Da Hong Pao Superfine. The stunning dark oolong Big Red Robeis made in Fujian province, in the Wuishan tea region. The mother shrubs grow high in the mountains and are protected by the state. The tea is aromatic, with notes of fire and spice. It invigorates, improves mood, and is good for health. According to legend, this oolong once healed the emperor's mother. Now this oolong is one of the famous teas of China.



Tie Guan Yin. Light oolong from Anxi (south of Fujian province) with delicate floral and fruity notes, soothes and gives peace of mind. It is made by harvesting mature tea leaves that are twisted into tight beads during processing. When brewed, they open up, producing a fragrant, oily infusion. Tea has a long history; monks have been growing it since the seventh century.



En Shi Yu Lu. It is a green tea with neat, graceful teapots, made in Anhui province. It inspires, invigorates, strengthens immunity and helps to get rid of excess weight.



Huo Shan Huang Ya. An elite imperial variety.  It belongs to the category of yellow teas, these are the kinds of Chinese teas, which are made exclusively from the highest quality raw materials. Gatherers have a taboo: they are not allowed to pick weak, ugly, damaged buds. Raw material is not crushed, twisted or roasted. But they are stewed in special bags, which gives the raw material a piquant flavor. It is said that Mao Zedong was particularly fond of this variety.



Cui Ming Green. The leaf is quite uniform in size and color and has been carefully handpicked and processed. It has been lightly oxidized and infuses a bright emerald colored liquid. The aroma is strong, aromatic like green butter with hints of green chestnut and fruit.  The taste is rich, sweet and pungent.



Liu An Gua Pian. Because of its original shape of oblong teas, the variety was named Pumpkin Seeds of Liuang. One of the oldest teas in Anhui province, it is made from juicy mature leaves.



Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls. It takes more than 60 thousand young buds to produce 500 grams of this green tea. The raw material is lightly roasted, and after processing the leaves are shaped into tiny snails. The tea has a refreshing aroma and a slightly sweet taste. In 1915, it became a gold medalist at the Panama Tea Fair.



Keemun Mao Feng Premium. Tea from highland raw materials with centuries of history. Its unique growing climate is one of the secrets of its exquisite and rich flavor. The variety has fine emerald colored teapots and a talent for uplifting.



We have listed 10 famous teas of China, all of which are presented in the catalog of our store. Start your tasting with a small portion and choose your favorites.