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Aromatherapy Classic - Eucalyptus as Tea

Native to Australia and a favorite snack for Koalas, Eucalyptus is a large flowering tree with especially fragrant leaves. The leaves are covered in oil pockets that are full of amazing aromatherapies and health benefits. It is best known for the soothing treatment of respiratory ailments; and its antimicrobial benefits are backed by science. If your parents treated your respiratory issues, and coughs with that classic strong smelling medicated ointment when you were a child, you already know the particular and pungent scent of eucalyptus! Pure Eucalyptus leaf doesn’t have the same intense, in-your-face aroma as the ointment, nor does the essential oil; it is milder and drinkable.

Well, not only does this prized leaf boost your immune system, heal respiratory issues among other things, but it also tastes delicious!

Respiratory Health

Its aromatherapy benefits (as we have already noted- the strong smelling ointment from childhood) are widely used in most homes today. We now know these same benefits are gained through Eucalyptus leaf tea, as a cure- all for respiratory issues. It is known to ease congestion, and has active ingredients that make it an expectorant- which will help it remove excess mucus and phlegm.


Eucalyptus has powerful antibacterial properties. It is recommended for protecting the body from a wide variety of bacterial infections, including E. coli and candida (which can cause yeast infections).

An added benefit: inhale the steam while you infuse your tea. The Eucalyptus infused steam helps instantly unblock your clogged sinuses, and fight chest infections.


If you’re trying to manage the stresses of daily life, or mild anxiety, try Eucalyptus leaf teas. Eucalyptus leaf is incredibly soothing and has a sedative effect. These are benefits we can all use from time to time, but it is especially helpful for anyone battling with chronic stress.

We have pure Eucalyptus Leaf tea, but it is also featured in some of our favorite and most popular blends, such as Wild Mountain HerbsOrange LemonadeJapanese Orange Cooler, Deep BreathHealthy Edge and more!