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Chinese Black Tea

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Chinese Black Tea


Chinese black tea is a tea that has undergone complete fermentation for one month. This name has taken hold in Europe and America.

The flavor of black Chinese tea in this sense is without bitterness, the infusion is golden brown to red-brown in color. It has both calming and tonic effects.

Chinese black tea was first mentioned in the mythical chronicle of Shennong, the patron of medicine and agriculture in China. The myth says that a few leaves of the tea tree saved Shennong from poisoning by a poisonous plant that he inadvertently ate.

More than 3,000 years ago, tea leaves were used only for medicinal purposes, and were consumed as food. The small peoples of China still use tea not only for brewing, but also as food.

After one of the chronicles mentioned a recipe for making a drink from tea leaves, this industry began to develop with impetuous force and spread all over the Middle Kingdom. By the beginning of the new millennium, Chinese black tea had become one of the favorite drinks.


Chinese black tea. Brewing


Many people think that tea brews are the same, but they are not.

There are several types of tea, depending on the size of the tea leaf:

  • Coarse Leaf - elite varieties of loose-leaf tea; the leaves are large, whole, with a rich, deep flavor.
  • Broken - sliced tea leaves.
  • Dotted or Fanning tea leaves are small, broken-off tea leaves.
  • Tea Dust, used to make tea bags. This species makes the richest tea in the world.


It is also possible to distinguish several types according to the method of mechanical processing:

  • Pressed - has a rich flavor, but a weak aroma.
  • Tea-brewed - the same kind of tea that we are used to
  • Pressed tea is the kind of tea we are used to. The first 4-5 leaves are used for this kind of tea.
  • Extracted tea is often flavored tea in the form of powder or tea extract. This type of tea has a weak flavor and aroma.

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In this category you will find several popular black teas:

  • Assam Mangalam tea is a strong and rich beverage that is named after the state of the same name. The tea has the flavor of a classic "black tea" in the European sense.
  • Classic Chinese Lapsang Souchong Tea. You will feel the real classics and understand what Chinese black tea is!
  • Black Dragon Pearls is the truest gem in the world of Chinese black tea. This tea will truly enchant you with its incredible palette of flavors.