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Effects of green tea on the body

Green Tea 

One of the most valuable health drinks is good high quality green tea, the benefits of fresh infusion has been tested over the centuries and proven by scientists.

Let's find out what is the effect of high quality green tea on the body, how many cups a day you need to drink to feel the positive effects of green tea, and what are the contraindications for this drink.


High Quality Green Tea - benefits


Scientists have long thought about the effect of green tea on the body. Observations were conducted in Japan, where local residents traditionally drink several cups of tea a day.

As a result of studies, experts have concluded that the regular consumption of green tea helps people to live longer. This effect of green tea is explained by its rich composition. Powerful antioxidants - polyphenols - are responsible for keeping you young.

Micronutrients, alkaloids, a couple of dozen amino acids and various vitamins in green tea help the body to function properly.

Have you been looking for a rejuvenating drink for a long time? It's high quality green tea, the benefits of the infusion to slow aging due to its high antioxidant content.


There are other useful properties:

  • Accelerates weight loss processes.
  • Stimulates brain function.
  • Helps keep teeth healthy.
  • Reduces the likelihood of developing heart disease.
  • Helps normalize blood sugar levels.


High Quality Green Tea as Medicine

Because of its unique properties, high quality green teas have long been used for medicinal purposes. First of all, tea leaves help fight inflammation. In traditional medicine in Asian countries, green tea is used to treat fever, heart disease, wounds, and bleeding.

The results of scientific research confirm the numerous beneficial properties of high quality green tea, it can be used effectively for prevention and maintenance of health.


Contraindications to use


Any positive effect can turn into harm if you do not follow the recommendations. Do not drink green tea without measure, the useful properties and contraindications of the drink is important to know so as not to harm yourself.

“It is enough for a healthy person to drink two or three cups a day.”

People with urinary system and gastrointestinal diseases should use green tea with special caution. Green tea may also be undesirable when taking certain medicines and supplements. Always follow the instructions and consult your doctor.

If you have high blood pressure or sleep problems, you should not drink a lot of high quality green tea. Pregnant and nursing women, as well as children, should not be fond of green tea.

The benefits of green tea are not only health benefits, but also the ability to balance the nervous system. It will relieve anxiety and the effects of stress, help concentrate and improve sleep. Use quality varieties in moderation and take care of your health.