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How to know the quality of tea

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To begin with, you must clearly decide what grade of tea you want to buy. The most important thing in our opinion is that the tea must be fresh. In China, the " four jewels of tea "- the shape of the tea ...

Tea preservation. Part II. Tea varieties and teapot materials

tea preservation
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State standards set the shelf life of tea from eight months to three years, depending on the type. However, it is not uncommon to see the inscription "the older, the better" on the ...

Tea preservation. Part I. Rules, Biochemistry and Refrigeration

Tea Preservation
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Despite the fact that the communication between man and tea, according to Chinese historians, has been going on for four thousand years, our knowledge about tea continues to evolve and grow. Over the ...

Calming Green Tea: Stop Stress!

Green Tea 
Green tea is the strongest competitor to powerful superfoods with rich composition and amazing properties. It invigorates and tones you in the morning, and after a busy day at work tea calms and relaxes you.

Green tea for the face - beauty tips

Green Tea 
Green tea has a lot of fans, which is not surprising - it's not only tasty, but also useful drink. Tea leaves contain vitamins, amino acids and minerals that help us stay energetic and healthy.

What’s your tea personality?

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There are hundreds of different types of tea you can drink, from oolong tea to black tea, and from fruity blends to calming chamomile. In fact, there is a different type of tea for absolutely everybody. Whether you’re a caffeine addict or prefer a health-conscious cup of green tea, there is bound to be some type of tea you love.

Effects of green tea on the body

green tea
Green Tea 
One of the most valuable health drinks is good high quality green tea, the benefits of fresh infusion has been tested over the centuries and proven by scientists.