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What’s your tea personality?

Black Tea • Green Tea 

What’s your tea personality? Green Tea , Black Tea or Fruit Tea?

There are hundreds of different types of tea you can drink, from oolong tea to black tea, and from fruity blends to calming chamomile. In fact, there is a different type of tea for absolutely everybody. Whether you’re a caffeine addict or prefer a health-conscious cup of green tea, there is bound to be some type of tea you love.

But did you know your choice in tea may say a lot more about you than what gets your taste buds tingling? Your chosen cuppa can also reveal a lot about your personality traits. Find out what tea you drink says about you!


Green Tea



Green tea is a classic and enjoyed by the health-conscious among us. If you enjoy several cups of green tea each day, you likely live an active lifestyle and care a lot about your wellbeing, as green tea has metabolism-boosting properties that can help you reach your fitness goals. As one of the more calming blends, you’ll probably find green tea lovers are peaceful yet determined.

If you’re a fan of green tea, you’ll love our Kukicha Kabuse blend for a uniquely delicate and sweet organic green tea.


Fruit Tea

Do you prefer a cup or something fun and fruity? If you are a fruit tea drinker, you’ll undoubtedly be creative, open-minded, and playful. With the huge variety in different fruit blends, plus the wonderful versatility of these teas to be delicious both warm or iced, fruit tea lovers typically like breaking the rules and pride themselves on their uniqueness and individuality.

Looking for a new fun and fruity flavour? Our Superfruit Mango is sure to be a drink you will love. With the tropical combination of antioxidant-rich goji berries, ruby pomegranate, and sweet mango, this tea will be like nothing you have tasted before.


Black Tea


If you love strong and traditional black tea, you likely have a personality to match; you’re strong, determined, and love to set and achieve your goals. Black tea drinkers are often busy people too, with too much on their plate to concern themselves with more playful flavours. They know what they want and how they want it, and black tea does the trick!

If you’re a black tea lover, our Doke Black Fusion blend is to die for. Slightly dry and bitter to start but finishing with buttery notes, this blend has a complex depth of flavour that is sure to hit the spot.


Oolong Tea

There is nobody more patient than an oolong tea drinker.  Oolong tea is one of the more unknown blends, and only refined individuals will have taken the time to understand its variety of flavours and complexities. Standing midway between green teas and black teas, oolong blends are diverse and distinct, much like their drinkers.

Fancy a new oolong tea favourite? Our White Peach Oolong adds freshly harvested peaches native to China for an unbeatable fresh and flowery cup.


Blooming Teas

If you have a bright and colourful personality, love socialising, and are always the center of attention, our blooming teas are made for you. These teas are a real show-stopper with real-life flowers inside that majestically unfurl into a beautiful display when you add hot water. Excentric personalities will love these teas.

You can purchase our Blooming Tea Gift Set to taste all of our unique and aromatic flavours on offer and find your new favourite blend.


Pu’erh Tea


Being one of the most expensive teas in the world, if you enjoy a cup of pu’erh tea, you likely value luxury and appreciate the finer things in life. Additionally, while most teas are best enjoyed fresh, pu’erh tea improves its taste, aroma, and texture over time, just like a fine wine. Therefore, drinkers of this tea value long-term commitment and patience, further reflected by the time needed to learn to appreciate this tea’s distinctive and acquired taste.

For a truly incredible pu’erh tea that has been aged to perfection, try our 20-Year Aged Iceland Pu’erh.  


Herbal Tea


If you appreciate a cup of herbal tea, such as chamomile, peppermint, or hibiscus, chances are you care a lot about your mental and physical wellbeing. As most herbal teas are caffeine-free and are naturally soothing, herbal tea drinkers tend to be calming people and in touch with nature. They believe our health is of utmost importance and have a good balance between work life and relaxation. 

There is a huge range of herbal blends available from our store, but our Green Vitality and White Cloud Detox blends will take your herbal tea experience to the next level.


Other Considerations

The type of tea you drink does say a lot about your personality, but things can get more complex when it comes to how you brew your favourite drink. Generally, those that prefer making a cup using a tea bag are busy people who like routine, whereas those that have learned to perfect brewing loose leaf tea are more open-minded and love learning new skills.

If you want to brew the perfect cup of loose leaf tea, you can purchase all the teaware needed to get you started here.  

What type of tea drinker are you?