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White Tea


Tea preservation. Part II. Tea varieties and teapot materials

tea preservation
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State standards set the shelf life of tea from eight months to three years, depending on the type. However, it is not uncommon to see the inscription "the older, the better" on the ...

Tea preservation. Part I. Rules, Biochemistry and Refrigeration

Tea Preservation
Black Tea • Green Tea • Puerh Tea • White Tea 
Despite the fact that the communication between man and tea, according to Chinese historians, has been going on for four thousand years, our knowledge about tea continues to evolve and grow. Over the ...

How to brew white tea correctly?

best white tea
White Tea 
White tea is special. It is characterized by weak fermentation and minimal human exposure during processing. It has a lot of benefits, not without reason that several centuries ago they cost a fabulous price and were included in the health ration of the emperor.